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    1 matches comment How do you like P22 Art Nouveau Bistro?
    3 matches comment ok, Look at the temperatures.. I am looking for this font. My local news said it was called Art House MD/ Art House and I tried finding it on google, but no such luck. Can you help me identify this and possibly make it? I'd be more than willing to advertise your site for this! Thank you! Mike
    5 matches comment This elegant font is featured on many record covers. Does anybody know the name?
    2 matches comment I would like the "The Art of Disaster" font. Thanks! (I need it for the fansite I'm working on for them, so asap please!.. I KNOW WHAT IT IS JUST CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME!)
    2 matches comment Any ideas on the original font used here....some kind of art nouvelle number. Any suggestions warmly appreciated... thanks m.
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hello Dear friend, I have this one :-) In the The book (type style finder, ). the author (Timothy Samara) has been separated the colors and fonts theme in four classification (1) Moods (Tranquil, Friendly, Comical, Romantic, Honest, Dynamic, Refreshing, Sinister, sporty, Fragile, Psychotic, Exotic and Intuitive) (2) Concepts (Corporate, Techno, Urban, Elegant, Artificial, Multicultural, Industrial, Organic, Fantasy, Extreme, Progressive, and powerful) (3). Time+Context (Archaic, New Age, Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance, Wild West, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Machine Age, Hollywood Heyday, Baby Boomer, and Counterculture) (4) Age Groups (Babies, Toddlers, Young Adults, Kids, Adults, and Seniors) This book not only explaining the typeface classification and the basic typestyle combination, but the colors psychology and then generating the color and sample of fonts. It's containing the formal details, of typeface communicate with viewers by igniting emotional responses and associations. Actually, it is not most recommended book for senior designer. But for quick guidance it is OK. You can find more book in the same kind on the internet. Thanks.
    1 matches comment Does anyone either know the name of this font, or, as I don't expect it actually exists, a similar alternative? As always, your help is most appreciated.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11650 Renn Crump may have digitized this but the designer is Maria Loeb. Published in her book 'New Art Deco Alphabets', Dover Publications 1975. The name is RIO.
    3 matches comment This font is from an old 1930s poster. I'm trying to track it down to purchase it. Can anyone identify it??? Thx!

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    anke-art .

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    Art Nouveau-BA
    Art Nouveau 2 BA
    Art Nouveau Flowers
    Art Nouveau Ornaments
    Art Nouveau SCF
    Art Nouveau
    Art Nouveau 2 BA
    P22 Art Nouveau Bistro
    P22 Art Nouveau Cafe
    P22 Art Nouveau Extras
    P22 Art Nouveau Bistro
    P22 Art Nouveau Cafe
    P22 Art Nouveau Extras
    Art Nouveau Flowers
    Art Nouveau BA Complete Family Pack
    Praha Nouveau Regular
    Art Nouveau SCF Regular
    Nouveau Rock
    Art Nouveau Ornaments Regular
    Display Art Two
    Blue Goblet Emblems
    Display Art One
    Belwe™ Bold
    Belwe™ Light
    Belwe™ Medium
    Ornata G
    Artistik™ Regular
    Eckmann® Regular
    Edwardian™ Bold
    Edwardian™ Light
    Edwardian™ Medium
    Edwardian™ Medium
    Galadriel™ Regular
    Kismet™ Regular
    Davida™ Regular
    Belwe Volume
    Cabaret Nouveau
    Nouveau Never Dies
    Nouveau Never Dies 2
    Nouveau Rock
    Linotype® Decoration Pi #1
    Linotype® Decoration Pi #2
    Kokoschka Essence
    Kokoschka Extras
    Kokoschka Oblique
    Kokoschka Print
    Kokoschka Regular
    Belwe™ Bold Condensed
    Belwe™ Mono Italic
    Belwe™ Mono Regular
    Forest™ Shaded Regular
    Galette Bold
    Galette Light
    Metropolitaines Regular
    Edwardian™ Bold Italic
    Edwardian™ Extra Bold
    Edwardian™ Light Italic
    Edwardian™ Medium Italic
    Hotmetal Pi™ Borders #1
    Hotmetal Pi™ Borders #2
    Hotmetal Pi™ Borders #3
    Hotmetal Pi™ Borders #4
    ITC Korinna® Bold
    ITC Korinna® Bold
    ITC Korinna® CE Bold
    ITC Korinna® CE Heavy
    ITC Korinna® CE Kursiv
    ITC Korinna® CE Regular
    ITC Korinna® Heavy
    ITC Korinna® Kursiv
    ITC Korinna® Kursiv
    ITC Korinna® Regular
    ITC Korinna® Regular
    ITC Korinna® Turkish
    ITC Tiffany™ Demi
    ITC Tiffany™ Heavy
    ITC Gramophone™ Regular
    ITC Benguiat® Bold
    ITC Benguiat® Medium
    ITC Korinna® Bold
    ITC Korinna® Heavy
    ITC Korinna® Kursiv
    ITC Korinna® Regular
    ITC Tiffany™ Demi
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    ITC Tiffany™ Medium
    Belwe Mono Volume
    Jazmo Regular
    Flamenco™ Inline
    ITC Benguiat® Book
    Eccentric et al Volume
    ITC Korinna CE Volume
    ITC Korinna Volume
    Kokoschka Complete Family
    Galette Bold Oblique
    Galette Light Oblique

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