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    8 matches comment Anyone knows what is this font? Looks like Arial rounded, but I can't find it.
    4 matches comment If it's not too late: Frankfurter, VAG rounded, Helvetica Rounded, Arial rounded are the most popular rounded typefaces.
    1 matches comment Hello, I am searching for this Lightning Bolt font, anyone know the name and/or where I can find it? Thanking you in advance. JT.
    1 matches comment I'm Looking For The Font of this....Ariel Sands...if you cant see the picture..then please go to ARIEL SANDS It's the logo beside the beach! Thank you
    1 matches comment Similar: VAG Rounded, Arial Rounded, Helvetica Rounded, Frankfurter, ...
    1 matches comment Arial Rounded, Helvetica Rounded, VAG Rounded …
    2 matches comment No need to shout. It's the Helvetica Rounded Black or its Bitstream substitute Swiss 721 Black Rounded.
    1 matches comment Looks like VAG Rounded to me, but the condsensed is the one hat bugs me, as there is no VAG Rounded Condensed ...should look further. Yes, I think we have a winner: AG Book Rounded
    1 matches comment Hi, the Numbers looks a little bit like a skewed VAG-Rounded (Futura Rounded): http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/?q=VAG+Rounded You should get the skewing angle by measuring the angle at the top of the 1 and the difference to 90°. It should be approx. 20°. Bye bye
    2 matches comment This is from a painted movie poster but I wondered if anyone had any ideas of similar digital fonts. I've found quite a few fonts that are very similar but none that are rounded. Thanks for your help

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    Rounded .

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    Bolt Cutter Design external .

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    Target Bolt
    ITC Bolt Hellenic Regular
    TX NineBolt
    AG Rounded Bold
    TX NineVolt
    ArchiType Rounded
    BAQ Rounded
    Predicate Rounded
    Rounded Teen
    Slab Four Rounded
    VAG Rounded
    VAG Rounded
    Wavy Rounded BT
    Memphis® Soft Rounded Bold
    Memphis® Soft Rounded Medium
    Memphis® Soft Rounded Volume
    Basic Commercial™ Soft Rounded Black
    Basic Commercial™ Soft Rounded Bold
    Basic Commercial™ Soft Rounded Roman
    Basic Commercial™ Soft Rounded Volume
    Neuzeit® Office Soft Rounded Regular
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Bold
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Heavy
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Regular
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Volume
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Compressed
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Condensed
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Compressed Heavy
    Avenir® Next Rounded Bold
    Avenir® Next Rounded Demi
    Avenir® Next Rounded Italic
    Avenir® Next Rounded Medium
    Avenir® Next Rounded Regular
    Slab Four Rounded Bold
    Avenir® Next Rounded Medium Italic
    Memphis® Soft Rounded Extra Bold
    Neuzeit® Office Soft Rounded Bold
    Arial® Rounded Bold
    Arial® Rounded Regular
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Compressed Bold
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Condensed Bold
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Condensed Heavy
    Arial® Rounded Light
    AG Book Rounded BQ Bold
    AG Book Rounded BQ Medium
    AG Book Rounded BQ Regular
    AG Book Rounded Medium
    AG Book Rounded Regular
    ArchiType Rounded Bold
    BAQ Rounded Outline
    Bloxed Rounded Bold
    Bloxed Rounded Italic
    Bloxed Rounded Regular
    Concerto Rounded SG-Medium
    Flox Rounded Bold
    Flox Rounded Regular
    Houschka Rounded Bold
    Houschka Rounded Light
    Houschka Rounded Medium
    Houschka Rounded Thin
    Le Havre Rounded Black
    Le Havre Rounded Bold
    Le Havre Rounded Italic
    Le Havre Rounded Light
    Le Havre Rounded Regular
    Le Havre Rounded Thin
    Predicate Rounded Bold
    Predicate Rounded Italic
    Rotundus Rounded Black
    Rotundus Rounded Bold
    Rotundus Rounded Italic
    Rotundus Rounded Light
    Rotundus Rounded Regular
    Rounded Stencil AI-Regular
    Rounded Stencil AI-Rough
    Sommet Rounded Black
    Sommet Rounded Bold
    Sommet Rounded Heavy
    Sommet Rounded Italic
    Sommet Rounded Light
    Sommet Rounded Regular
    Sommet Rounded Thin
    Uri Rounded MF Medium
    Wavy Rounded BT Alternates
    Avenir® Next Rounded Bold Italic
    Avenir® Next Rounded Demi Italic
    Avenir® Next Rounded Family Pack
    Arial Rounded Volume
    Worcester Rounded Italic
    Worcester Rounded Medium
    Worcester Rounded Regular
    VAG Rounded Complete Family Pack
    Goal Rounded
    Arial® Rounded Extra Bold
    AG Book BE Rounded Volume
    AG Book BQ Rounded Volume
    Rounded Stencil EF Bold
    Worcester Rounded Bold

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