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    3 matches comment uploaded image Doesn't show but the capital T looks like garamond
    1 matches comment It's not the same - but has the same feel and is not a commercial font Western, Regular: http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/western For a commerical closeness - type WOOD in the search and check the fonts that show up.
    1 matches comment [size=18:b4c9c0f176] Hello, I use Arabic language in program that encode its text in Western Euroean ... So can i change a font in from Arabic to Western European to convence the program to work. You have to know that Arabic has complicated letters and it's right-to-left. Thank you.[/size:b4c9c0f176]
    1 matches comment view details for free font #6261 Dear Metamorphosis, I just found your other Western Font “Woodcut” here http://de.pickafont.com/fonts/Woodcut.html. I think it is a great font and would definitely suit perfectly in my new Android Game. So my Question is if I could use your Font in my Android Game? - That would be great :) Thanks. Johannes M. (jm-am@web.de) Germany
    2 matches comment Thank you dear KKat, but I think Celina is looking for some Old Western-fonts: http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/32113
    2 matches comment If anyone can tell me the name of this font that would be great. Thanks in advance
    1 matches comment uploaded image I want avant garde bk bt bold western
    1 matches comment uploaded image Thats Bosox-0utine It's availible on Dafont.com If that's not close enought try western fonts
    2 matches comment ? Hi everyone. I made a layout months ago, lost all my data and now I need to work on that layout again. I used three fonts and I have no idea what they're called so I was wondering if someone could identify it for me? http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/5282/3fontsdi4.gif Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    Spaghetti Western NF
    Country Western
    Country Western SC
    Cowboy Western
    Good Western
    Great Western
    Lonestar Western
    Spaghetti Western
    Western Americana
    Western Dressing
    Western Sky
    Western Stencil EF
    Country Western Black
    Country Western Black SC
    Country Western Fill
    Country Western Italic
    Country Western Open
    Country Western SC Fill
    Country Western SC Open
    Western Block JNL
    Western Sky Lariat
    Western Stencil AI-Regular
    Western Stencil AI-Rough
    Western Americana
    Western Stencil EF Rough
    Archive Western Iron
    Country Western Script
    Country Western Swing
    Country Western Swing SC
    Speedball Western Letters
    Speedball Western Letters 3D
    Country Western Italic Fill
    Country Western Italic Open
    Western Adventure JNL-Regular
    Western Block Oblique JNL
    Western Railway JNL-Regular
    Country Western Swing
    AE Western Classics Type Set 1
    Western Classics Type Set 1
    Country Western Script Black
    Country Western Script Fill
    Country Western Script Open
    Country Western Swing Black
    Country Western Swing Black SC
    Country Western Swing Fill
    Country Western Swing Open
    Country Western Swing SC Fill
    Country Western Swing SC Open
    Speedball Western Letters Compressed
    Speedball Western Letters Expanded
    Speedball Western Letters Shadow
    Country Western Black
    Country Western Open
    Great Western Regular
    Western Sky Lariat
    Western Sky Regular
    Country Western Script
    Good Western Regular
    Country Western Complete Family Pack
    EF Western Stencil Regular
    EF Western Stencil Regular Rough
    Courier Western Regular
    OCR One Cyrillic and Western Regular
    Dust Western
    Ariergard Cyrillic and Western Book
    Ariergard Cyrillic and Western Heavy
    Ariergard Cyrillic and Western Medium
    Ariergard Cyrillic and Western Volume
    Bublik Cyrillic and Western Regular
    Gvardia Cyrillic and Western Medium
    Gvardia Cyrillic and Western Volume
    Rossika Cyrillic and Western Regular
    Rossika Cyrillic and Western Volume
    Circus Didot Cyrillic + Western Regular
    Lonestar Western
    Baker Signet Cyrillic + Western
    Bublik Cyrillic + Western Black
    Bublik Cyrillic + Western Bold
    Bublik Cyrillic + Western Light
    Bublik Western + Cyrillic Volume
    Colmena Cyrillic + Western Regular
    Plastilin Cyrillic + Western Black
    Plastilin Cyrillic + Western Bold
    Plastilin Cyrillic + Western Light
    Plastilin Cyrillic + Western Regular
    Plastilin Western + Cyrillic Volume
    Titla Western + Cyrillic Volume
    Pushkin Cyrillic and Western Script High
    Pushkin Cyrillic and Western Script Low
    Compact Cyrillic and Western Oblique
    Compact Cyrillic and Western Volume
    Cowboy Western Regular
    Pragmatica Cyrillic and Western Shadow
    Gvardia Cyrillic and Western Heavy
    Rossika Cyrillic and Western Light
    Rossika Cyrillic and Western Light Italic
    Rossika Cyrillic and Western Regular Italic
    Zubilo Black Cyrillic and Western Regular
    Izhitsa Cyrillic + Western Regular
    Izhitsa Cyrillic + Western Shadow

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