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    2 matches comment What you can tell about *.pfm and *.pfb format font. Who anyone know program to convert it to TrueType *.ttf fonts?
    1 matches comment Start your search here: http://www.google.de/search?q=wmr_____.pfb&hl=de&meta= You'll need all the fonts beginning with wm..... They all are Adobe_Type1-Fonts, so you'll need a file with the suffix *.pfb and one with the suffix *.pfm for each font. To install and for the use of the fonts you'll need the Adobe Type Manager. You can download it here: http://www.adobe.com/products/atmlight/download.html Ute
    2 matches comment Oh no, the lime green one isn't the Bauhaus! It's the Farrier ITC and right away it comes with Illustrator. If you've got a Windows-PC: Hit F3 and search your hard drive for far_____.pfb and far_____.pfm. Sureley you'll find the font files, then open the fonts folder in the control set (sorry, I don't know exact english name) and install the font with menu File > ... :) ute
    1 matches comment Hi! I think it's the City Medium Bold-Italic. I know it as a type1-font, from Adobe/Berthold. Try tzbi____.pfb and tzbi____.pfm in a search engine, and if you're lucky and a windows 98 user, you'll have to download the Adobe Type Manager (Light-Version) for to install and use type1-fonts. ;) U.
    1 matches comment If you send me a copy of the Mac fonts, I will convert them to .ttf for you and e-mail them back. I have no use for the Mac fonts myself, but I can do this with FontLab Studio5 if they are in .pfb and .pfm file types. If they are in a different format, send one, and I'll see if I can do it. bobistheowl@hotmail.com
    1 matches comment Omni Black: Could be a little difficult to get. Seems to be a font from Image Club Grapics Inc. Comes with older versions of Adobe's Illustrator, only as type1-font, no ttf. (omk_____.pfb an omk_____.pfm) square 721: Take a good search engine like google and the filename sqr721n.ttf ;) U.
    1 matches comment Look on this site for fonts starting with wm.......pfb. There are 4 fonts of the myriad family. http://pub.nclr.org/old/psfonts Since they are type1-fonts you will need the *.pfm-files (in the pfm-directory) and the Adobe Type Manager (download on Adobes website). Ute
    1 matches comment Hi Swallow, Ultra Condensed Sans Two is Copyright 1992 Image Club Graphics, Inc. (25 November 1995 23:51:47). I have searched all over the place but found no commercial link. Nowhere! The postscript name is UCSS2___ . The PFB and PFM files came with the HP ScanJet 5100C scanner. A truetype file can be found at fonts101, which Big Brother considers to be a badware site.
    1 matches comment Hey again Some might know - how do I convert a TTF font to .SFS (or .SFP) without paying for this one for example: http://www.alltype.biz/custom.php. Or, MAYBE this alternative: I've converted them to .PFB, how do I now convert them to .SFS or .SFP? Thanks!! /Kocho
    1 matches comment view details for free font #2076 It downloads OK. It just doesn't open under WinXP because the unique font identifier is missing. An omission of the one (Manfred Albracht) who converted COMSC___.PFB/PFM to CommScriptTT.ttf to show us the conversion quality of his conversion program Type-Designer 2.0. As you have found out, that conversion did not turn out that good after all. And apart from the missing unique font identifier you may also have noticed that many letters are cut off at the bottom. Another Type-Designer 2.0 fault. I'd go for the real one and forget about this crippled thingie.
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