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    1 matches comment Milky, as far as I know the Arial and TNR Special G2 series include these faces: arial special g2 arial special g2 italic arial special g2 bold arial special g2 bold italic arial narrow special g2 arial narrow special g2 italic arial narrow special g2 bold times new roman special g2 times new roman special g2 italic times new roman special g2 bold times new roman special g2 bold italic Maybe there is also a arial narrow special g2 bold italic (seems logical) but I've never seen it. All © Monotype 1991-1995. I once found them on Atomic Fonts but have not been able to trace them again. No clue who sells them today. A more or less comparable character set (and more, also phonetic, typographic symbols, maths, iconics and so on) can be found in the in the Word Perfect specials (© Novell Applications Group 1993-1994), once on every WP distribution. I know I should not do this... but, when you desperately need the G2 series and can't get them anywhere - well - let me know.
    11 matches comment view details for free font #2089 This font requires some repairs! I tried putting it in the Fonts folder, but that didn't work!
    8 matches comment Anyone knows what is this font? Looks like Arial rounded, but I can't find it.
    1 matches comment the font i think you are looking for is Arial narrow and possible Arial black and is one of the stanard fonts on most windows based systems. it looks like the font has been minupulated and i have used Arial to make a copy in PS6 have alook at the picture its vary similar. i think. BiG Keep on fonting:D
    4 matches comment i have found what you require. the first link is to a site to down load eurositle ex. that you want.eurositle down load site it should be the first font on the page and the second is a direct link that downloads the font arial narrow. Airial narrow download link. let me know if you need any more help. BiG:D Keep on fonting
    3 matches comment Hi, I am trying to take an unpublished manuscript that I have rights to and print out pages to be bound (the book will be a gift). A lovely local printer gave me instructions to format w/ 1 1/8" margins and use Helvetica narrow and he will send the pages off to be bound as a proper book. However I am on a Mac and it doesn't offer Helvetica narrow. As the purpose of the narrow was to keep the work legible while keeping the number of pages the same / manageable for binding (it's in 12 point TNR now) I am wondering if Helvetica CV, which I do have on my Mac, would work. Any other suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance to the experts who donate their time to help the totally inexperienced, e.g. me.
    6 matches comment dear friends kindly gv me WinSoftPro Medium arabic font
    2 matches comment I accidentally deleted the fonts Arial and Arial Black. Does anyone have these that they could send to me?
    2 matches comment ? I open a document from my e-mail message, and the font is all arial special g1. How can I convert it back to times new roman, because I can't read the arial special g1. thanks in advanced. Niki
    1 matches comment Anyone know of a font that looks similar to Arial Narrow or Helvetice Neue Condensed, but with a slightly eroded edge? Thanks.

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    Arial Narrow Volume
    Arial Narrow CE Volume
    Arial Narrow Greek Volume
    Arial Narrow Cyrillic Volume
    Arial 2 Volume
    Arial® Narrow Italic
    Arial® Narrow Regular
    Arial Dual Greek Volume
    Ariergard Cyrillic and Western Medium
    Gvardia Cyrillic and Western Medium
    Arial® Narrow Bold
    Arial® Narrow Bold Italic
    Ginza Narrow Medium
    Titla Cyrillic + Western Condensed Medium
    Titla Cyrillic + Western Condensed Medium Italic
    Arial® Narrow WGL
    Arial WGL Complete Family Pack
    Propisi Cyrillic + Western Medium
    Quartal Cyrillic + Western Medium
    Arial® Narrow WGL Bold
    Arial® Narrow WGL Italic
    Arial® Narrow WGL Volume
    Quartal Cyrillic + Western Extended Medium
    Arial® Narrow CE Package
    Lunokhod Cyrillic and Western Medium
    Quartal Cyrillic + Western Cond Medium
    Arial® Cyrillic Narrow
    Arial Complete Family Pack
    Arial® Narrow WGL Bold Italic
    Ariergard Rondo Cyrillic and Western Medium
    Quartal Cyrillic + Western Extended Medium Italic
    Arial 1 Volume
    Arial 3 Volume
    Arial 4 Volume
    Arial® Cyrillic Narrow Italic
    Arial® Cyrillic Narrow Regular
    Arial® Narrow CE Bold Package
    Arial® Narrow CE Italic Package
    URW Imperial Medium Narrow
    URW Linear Medium Narrow
    Arial Rounded Volume
    Arial® Cyrillic Narrow Bold
    Arial® Cyrillic Narrow Inclined
    Sancoale Narrow Medium
    Arial® Cyrillic Narrow Bold Inclined
    URW Typewriter Medium Narrow
    URW Imperial Medium Narrow Oblique
    URW Linear Medium Narrow Oblique
    Arial® Cyrillic Narrow Bold Italic
    Arial® Narrow CE Bold Italic Package
    Machbesh Narrow MF Medium
    Futura® Futuris Cyrillic and Western Medium
    Sancoale Narrow Medium Italic
    Arial CE Volume
    Spaghetti Western NF
    URW Typewriter Medium Narrow Oblique
    URW Typewriter Medium Extra Narrow
    Futura® Futuris Cyrillic and Western Medium Italic
    URW Garamond T Medium Narrow
    URW Typewriter Medium Extra Narrow Oblique
    URW Garamond T Medium Narrow Oblique
    Country Western
    Country Western SC
    Cowboy Western
    Good Western
    Great Western
    Lonestar Western
    Spaghetti Western
    Western Americana
    Western Dressing
    Western Sky
    Arial SF Volume
    Etelka Narrow Medium Pro
    ITC Franklin™ Narrow Medium
    FF Clan Narrow Medium
    Arial 1 Greek Volume
    Arial 1 Cyrillic Volume
    Abetka Narrow Medium
    URW Garamond T Medium Extra Narrow
    Arial Cyrillic Volume
    URW Garamond T Medium Extra Narrow Oblique
    FF Clan Narrow Medium Italic
    Western Stencil EF
    ITC Franklin™ Narrow Medium Italic
    Gringo Sans Medium Narrow
    Gringo Slab Medium Narrow
    Gringo Tuscan Medium Narrow
    Theo Ballmer Narrow Medium
    Titling Gothic FB Narrow Medium
    Etelka Narrow Medium Pro Bold
    Etelka Narrow Medium Pro Italic
    Arial® Medium
    Country Western Black
    Country Western Black SC
    Country Western Fill
    Country Western Italic
    Country Western Open
    Country Western SC Fill
    Country Western SC Open
    Western Block JNL

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