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    8 matches comment Anyone knows what is this font? Looks like Arial rounded, but I can't find it.
    2 matches comment I accidentally deleted the fonts Arial and Arial Black. Does anyone have these that they could send to me?
    2 matches comment ? I open a document from my e-mail message, and the font is all arial special g1. How can I convert it back to times new roman, because I can't read the arial special g1. thanks in advanced. Niki
    3 matches comment Hi Can anyone help me find this font please. The standard arial font is too thick compared to this. Thanks for any help
    1 matches comment Hello I am making a website about grand theft auto i made it some time ago since then i have formatted my pc so i have lost the font But as some of u know there is a new gta coming out soon so i need to make a few more headings etc... but in all of my other headings have used a certain font but I don?t have it anymore and I have had no luck in finding it can anybody help me ?? i have attached a picture of one of my old texts the blue text is the font i need if possible i hope you can help from Kev aKa HyperVirus | Visit My Site http://www.gta-resource.co.uk
    1 matches comment Milky, as far as I know the Arial and TNR Special G2 series include these faces: arial special g2 arial special g2 italic arial special g2 bold arial special g2 bold italic arial narrow special g2 arial narrow special g2 italic arial narrow special g2 bold times new roman special g2 times new roman special g2 italic times new roman special g2 bold times new roman special g2 bold italic Maybe there is also a arial narrow special g2 bold italic (seems logical) but I've never seen it. All © Monotype 1991-1995. I once found them on Atomic Fonts but have not been able to trace them again. No clue who sells them today. A more or less comparable character set (and more, also phonetic, typographic symbols, maths, iconics and so on) can be found in the in the Word Perfect specials (© Novell Applications Group 1993-1994), once on every WP distribution. I know I should not do this... but, when you desperately need the G2 series and can't get them anywhere - well - let me know.
    1 matches comment the font i think you are looking for is Arial narrow and possible Arial black and is one of the stanard fonts on most windows based systems. it looks like the font has been minupulated and i have used Arial to make a copy in PS6 have alook at the picture its vary similar. i think. BiG Keep on fonting:D
    1 matches comment Looks like "Arial" at the top and "Arial Black" at the rest. Take a bigger picture next time ;)
    1 matches comment i want a font which is similar to ARIAL font but with thinner lines, the font which i selected in the bottom has different dimensions than that of arial font. please suggest a font which has similar length to arial but with thinner lines. thanks in advance
    1 matches comment ? This might be a little different to what is usually asked, but I am not looking for any fancy designer font. I would like to have a font that is different to Arial, Helvetica or other standard fonts installed on most systems. It should be looking different, but at the same time be good to use in longer texts. I am not talking about a book, but about bullet points and shorter texts on Power Point slides. I would like to have a standard font for our presentations, that is somehow recongnizeable, but also very readable. I have seen Ropa Sans (http://www.google.com/webfonts/specimen/Ropa+Sans) which I like, but it has some trouble with special characters that I would use quite a lot, like "ç", "ó", "ã", "õ", etc. Please, I don't want to start a flame war. But it would great if everyone could mention one or two fonts that the like to use in longer texts (not just headings). At the moment I use Calibri, but it is quite common today. Thank you in advance!

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