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    2 matches comment Calico & Ivy is Berkeley Old Style handmade is P22 Cezanne
    1 matches comment Hi, Does anybody have or know anywhere I can download the Berkeley Oldstyle font? Thanks
    2 matches comment My church spent way too much money (imho) on a graphics consultant to design a logo. Now they come back with this list of "fonts to be used" with the logo. To go out and purchase them from Adobe for all 20 users would totally break the budget. Can anyone suggest comparable fonts to "Berkeley Oldstyle" and "Gil Sans" that might be in the public domain, or at least available from a less expensive digital type foundry?
    1 matches comment [quote:d71cbd9cd4="tattooointment"]I cant find the font(s) anywhere[/quote:d71cbd9cd4] Font[color=red:d71cbd9cd4]S[/color:d71cbd9cd4][/u:d71cbd9cd4][/b:d71cbd9cd4] indeed! What a mess. The ultimate proof that a type director has it uses. Anyway, the J is the Commercial Script (slightly expanded). The S is Bitstreams Monterey and the lower case type is the Berkeley Black Italic. Hope this helps.

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