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    14 matches comment ? Hi Can anyone help me please? Im looking for the font for the film 'School of Rock'. Ive been directed to ones similar but not the same....does anyone know where I can find the right one? thanks http://gloucestercitylibrary.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/school_of_rock.jpg a
    12 matches comment School of Rock/Rolling Stones where can i get the font that these two use?
    6 matches comment I have tried fontidentifier but am not able to recognise the font used for this logo. if anyone can help I would be very grateful. Thanks very much
    5 matches comment i'm looking for a font that i could use on a postcard that would be representative of the late 1800s or early 1900s. thanks
    1 matches comment The deal is, I have to make a football magazine for another high school in my school district for my high school level Graphic Design class. This guy wants me to use the font similar or exactly like the "AZTEC" part of this image. Could someone please help me out with this?
    1 matches comment Dear people well-versed in graphic design, I don't know where else to seek international advice, so please pardon me here. I have just completed my diploma studies in visual communication in Singapore, and am looking for a university to further my studies and to gain exposure, therefore choosing to look across seas elsewhere. Where did you go for school, and did it work for you? Will you be able to advise with school fees and living expenses and conditions? I will truly appreciate your help!
    2 matches comment Looking for something that feels ancient or medieval, like on an illuminated manuscript -- except it needs to be readable, since it's a word mark for the school. I kinda like Ar Julian (see image), except there's a tag line underneath and it would be too much all-caps. Any suggestions?
    2 matches comment I am looking for school type fonts to develop childrens' handwriting. I have seen some from commercial companies in the USA but can't afford them. Has anyone got similar freeware fonts they could send me? I am in the UK. Many thanks
    1 matches comment Handsome school signage from 1953. Similar to DIN condensed but the E and R are tweaked. Interested if this is actually a font or custom signage. WIki page on the school here, with alternate photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vernonia_High_School Thanks for the help!
    1 matches comment It looks very much like a font used by teachers to write writing-templates for school-beginners. So far - each contry has its own fonts - try a search engine with "school fonts" or something like that? :) U.

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    Catholic School Girls Intl BB Regular
    Century School SB-Bold
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    Century School SB-Roman
    Century School SH-Bold
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    Century School SH-Roman
    Report School Bold
    Report School Heavy
    Report School Italic
    Report School Regular
    Century School SB-Bold Ita
    Century School SH-Bold Ita
    Report School Bold Italic
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    Report School Complete Family Pack
    Stinky School Book
    Sweater School Complete Family Pack
    Ascender Back To School Font Pack
    Back to School Value Pack
    Archive School Text
    SchoolBook Bold
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    Black-Out Regular
    DIN 16 Font
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    Wichita Black
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    USF Highway USA One
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    KG Chasing Pavements Regular
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    Wild Basic
    USF Highway USA Volume
    USF Highway USA Three
    Sassoon® Primary Italic
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