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    9 matches comment ! Hello, This font has alluded me. I've found several similiar fonts, but not this exact one. Here's the a link to the image: http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=Ts1mQjSS Thanks!
    4 matches comment I need help finding just the right font for the American Classic part. I know it is small, but its the only version that is available to me so far! Thanks in advance!
    3 matches comment Hello everyone - I'm looking for the italics font that reads "North American Wildlife" in the top left corner. Any ideas ladies and gents?
    4 matches comment Hi, I was wondering if anyone could refer me to where I might be able to find more information (historical, technical, etc.) about French Ronde style script type. I have been working on my own design, but I would like to know more about the style itself. Thanks in advance. ~Lauren :)
    4 matches comment view details for free font #14787 Thanks so much. I drew this typeface as an ode of sorts to French Script. It is not actually based on any one particular style of type, font,nor even any specific reference material... I just drew it with the intent of making an upright, connected and elaborate (for me anyways!) style of script. Even though this font is not traditional, I think the French script influence is obvious... so I did try to reasearch this style of type, but of the originating typefaces (Civilite as you pointed out) I can find about a sentence. And that sentence is usually on myfonts.com I would love to learn more about it, I really would. I hope to find some actual/physical literture on the subject. Thanks so much for your help. I hope people like this font. :)
    3 matches comment I'm looking for the font from the movie poster "American Graffiti" I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!
    4 matches comment Anyone point in the direction of a good typeface for old horror movie style typefaces? Examples of the type of posters found here: http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/100-illustrated-horror-film-posters-part-2/ The Jaws of Death, The Land That Time Forgot, King Kong
    1 matches comment You can find the fonts listed on the American Wedding site under Type Style Options - Item No E79- the Names are in D50 - Whisper and the text is in D51- Bernhard Fashion. Becca
    1 matches comment The legitimate font name is ITC American Typewriter The particular weight shown on your sample is called American TypewriterStd-BdCnd Open Type format.
    3 matches comment hej I want to know which font style would look like Yuwie letters. :( :)

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    American Greetings Corporation . Style-7 external .

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    URW Goudy Old Style Volume
    American Pi NF
    URW Cooper Old Style Bold
    URW Cooper Old Style Demi
    URW Cooper Old Style Light
    URW Cooper Old Style Medium
    URW Cooper Old Style Volume
    SG American Uncialâ„¢ SB Regular
    URW Cooper Old Style Demi Italic
    URW Cooper Old Style Light Italic
    URW Cooper Old Style Medium Italic
    American Advertise006
    American Advertise007
    American Advertise007 B
    American Advertise008
    American Advertise011
    American Advertise012
    American Advertise013
    American Advertise014
    American Advertise015
    American Advertise016
    American Advertise017
    American Advertise018
    American Advertise019
    American Advertise09
    Typodermic Style Pack
    American Advertise006 Negative
    American Advertise013 Lined
    American Advertise013 Shadow
    American Advertise014 Lined
    American Advertise015 Shadow
    American Advertise016 Shadow
    Goudy Old Style Bold
    Goudy Old Style Italic
    Goudy Old Style Roman
    Pickworth Old Style Regular
    American Advertise004
    American Authors
    American Garamond
    American Gothic
    American Highway
    American Pop One
    American Pop Two
    American Presidents
    American Revolution
    American Scribe
    American Sensation
    American Text
    American Uncial D
    American Uncial MN
    American Way Of Life
    American West
    American Writer
    Old Times American
    Slab American
    Goudy Old Style Bold Italic
    Goudy Old Style Extra Bold
    JM American Diner American Diner Solid
    Packard New Style Bold
    Packard New Style Family
    Packard New Style Light
    Packard Old Style Bold
    Packard Old Style Family
    Packard Old Style Light
    Goudy Old Style Complete Family Pack
    American Typewriter Bold
    American Typewriter Cond
    American Typewriter Light
    American Typewriter Medium
    JM American Diner American Diner Inline
    JM American Diner American Diner Narrow
    American Garamond Bold
    American Garamond Italic
    American Gothic Black
    American Gothic Italic
    American Pop Plain
    American Sensation Bold
    American Sensation Diet
    American Sensation Hollow
    American Sensation Italic
    American Uncial Initials D
    American Uncial Outline
    American Uncial Relief
    American Uncial Rounded
    American Uncial SB-Regular
    Old Times American Heavy
    Old Times American Italic
    Old Times American Titling
    Slab American Titling
    American Typewriter Cond Bold
    American Typewriter Cond Light
    American Way of Life
    CFB1 American Patriotâ„¢ Normal
    American Advertise 005
    American Advertise 010
    American Spirit STF
    Archive American Shadow
    American Garamond Bold Italic
    American Gothic Black Italic
    American Sensation Bold Italic

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