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    4 matches comment Hi there, I would like to know which font was used for the logo of America's Next Top Model. Searched Google allready, but simply can't find it. Please help!
    7 matches comment ? could somebody please idenitfy the font in the picture? the picture could be found at http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/4677/naamloosxi5.png
    1 matches comment ? The "Auld Mug", is a trophy awarded to the winner of the America's Cup 2017 and how to watch online. https://americas-cup.co.uk America's Cup America's Cup 2017 America's Cup News America's Cup Bermuda America's Cup Final https://americas-cup.co.uk
    5 matches comment Hey guys, My problem is that I have to know the font used in our sports club's logo. Unfortunately nobody in our club knows the person who created this logo and my task is now to recreate it. I think two types of typeface have been used... One in the middle and another one in the top and bottom of the logo. Thanks in advance!
    4 matches comment Just wondering what this font is please Many thanks in advance : ))
    2 matches comment What font is used for America's Night Out?
    3 matches comment Excellent article for all you font aficionados. via FontFeed http://fontfeed.com/archives/top-ten-typefaces-used-by-book-design-winners/
    2 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #16537 I created this font based on my old Justice League of America comic #261 The Final Chapter from the 1970's. With the new DC Comics movie due out in 2017 here is my personal look back over the last 50 years of this particular League of Justice seeking Super-Heroes. This Fan-Font has just gone through a major update 3/5/2017 now at v2.007 now features both the latest JUSTICE LEAGUE movie glyph's on the CAPITALS and and the existing glyph's from v1.007 from the earlier Justice League of America comic from the 1970's. This Fan-Font is now spanning almost 50 years of JUSTICE. I guess I'm putting new font together are you in? For the fully kerned OTF embeddable commercial version with numbers and accented glyph's please visit my Etsy Store @ http://etsy.me/2ny9KEI
    1 matches comment What font is used for America's Night Out.
    3 matches comment uploaded image what font is that?

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