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    5 matches comment Hello people! Please, help me, by education and kindness. What are the free fonts very similar to Neo Sans Regular and Medium fonts? 1) http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/agfa/neo-sans/ Thank you! Gustavo
    1 matches comment Hello people! Please, I need your help. I feel like to buy many fonts Neo Sans and Neo Tech, but they're very expensive. When I will get a good job and win the money, I'll each 4 fonts each month. But which font do you recommend I use more? 1) Neo Sans Regular and Medium 2) Neo Tech Alternate Regular and Medium 3) Neo Sans Intel Regular and Medium Choose one option for recommending that I use more. Thank you for your attention, understanding and help!
    1 matches comment uploaded image Neo-Intellectual? Nah! Neo-Classical? Nah! Maybe Neo-Greek? Nope. But you know what, if it were not for the 'E' it is Iconian Fonts' Achilles. Looks like someone has been tampering with something like the Classical Garamond to get that E. Edit: A newer version with all extended characters and the italic version can be found on dafont.com. Go get it ... Alex.
    3 matches comment Looks almost exactly like Monotype Neo Tech Alt Medium - with a custom "7". It's so called "new Intel font"
    1 matches comment Beautiful, isn't it? This is the Eidetic Neo Omni.
    1 matches comment Awesome, thanks neo.
    1 matches comment thanks neo...the serpentine is pretty close, in fact I can't really see a difference, so I'm going to consider this case solved...
    1 matches comment uploaded image Yes, Felix, we're talking about the same thing. Still, I haven't seen another digital font similar to that script other than Ultras Liberi. And I am definitely shocked: I get to understand that St. Pauli fans are leftwingers by that red star in the banner and the referral to May Day. Am I wrong? I do not speak German, sorry; I barely can suppose that «nazifrei» means «free of nazis». And, of course, that polizei is police. No one in Italy would use that font but neo-nazis and such :)
    1 matches comment You guys/girls are AWESOME!!!! And your right when I saw the 2 you put up Kat I didn't see a huge difference. The picture is from my wedding invites that I used through Anns Bridals I copied the pic and scanned it in so I can use it on my programs. I thought itd be cool to get a similar font to write the programs in. I found the DJ Fancy like Neo suggested and its close too but looks like it all slants the opposite direction. I'll look up your suggestions and see what I can use. I just really appreciate all of your(s) help! :) Thank you!
    1 matches comment A rarity used for weddings and church things, rather innocent, and of course neo-nazism - not so innocent. Picked up from the latter by the skinhead scene - also not so innocent. Picked up by the house-rock scene who never heard of the roll. Picked up by followers who had no idea what it was, but it looked aggressive so it was good. Picked up by 10 year olds who have been denied an education in recent history, so it was cool. That is why I don't do this shit. With the rare exception when I think there is a friendly person behind the question. Isn't renaissance a nice thing?

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    Neo Tokio One
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    Neo Contact D
    Clarendo Neo Ornaments Pro
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    Neo Medium
    Neo Tokio Volume
    PiS Neo Print M319
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    PiS Neo Print M319 Stamp
    Carbon-14 Neo Lite
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    Neo Sans Paneuropean Basic 1 Volume
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