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    3 matches comment Albertus
    1 matches comment The original is the Albertus. The one used in your image is a Brendel Informatik variation, the Adelon Bold, slanted 8º.
    2 matches comment Dear all friend will you all help me to get free All Albertus Font and sending to me I need for my design..I'm very glad if you all can help me..BLAHBLAH @ gmail.com[color=red:7f434321bc][/color:7f434321bc][size=18:7f434321bc][/size:7f434321bc] Edited by koeiekat: changed email address to prevent spambots to find you. Edited by alex: changed address so there are no undeserved freebies
    1 matches comment My guess is Friz Quadrata, Albertus, Triplett, Cimiez or else … Well, really I believe it is a distorted version of Friz Quadrata.
    1 matches comment The font use to be a commercial font named Albertus Extra Bold It is no longer available for sale. You can use a very close substitute called Anthony for 2 bucks http://www.buyfonts.com/value_for_money/anthony.htm

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