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    3 matches comment uploaded image You know after I posted that (figuring I just had a bold version-admittedly I was in a rush) I saw I had a match with a font called Asia. It would seem that Asia is a renamed Anna. I meant to post back with Asia but just forgot about it. But, the Twentieth Century Poster at identifont is not the same as what I have. The character set is different. Well I did some checking as I thought the 2002 on that font creation didn't make sense as I knew I'd had that font for quite a while. My Twentieth Century Poster is 1998 Monotype. So it would seem they updated it in 2002. The older version is very close to ITC's Anna, created in 1991. I wonder if there was an issue with that and so Monotype updated and made alterations? Regardless I appreciate you catching my error. It would bug me if someone misidentified a font I was looking for.
    1 matches comment Thank you kkat..
    3 matches comment Can somebody help me by identifying the font?
    2 matches comment @skin This now outdated so not really relevant anymore but please understand that the fast majority of requests for these sort of fonts come from China/South-East Asia with the intention to make and sell counterfeit jerseys. We do not support links that will enable this. Yet, as your link here also makes it possible to find fonts that copy current jerseys I had to change it a bit. Understand?
    1 matches comment Baylor fought back to score three runs in the next frame, making the game 7 5 Devils. But Baylor saved their biggest offensive explosion for the top of the ninth, as Porter hit a two run shot to left to tie Nike Air Max Dame the game and Duncan Wendel knocked a single to right, which Allen booted, allowing Billige Nike Air Max the winning run to cross the plate. Air Max 1 The Bears would add another Nike Sko run and shut down Arizona State last three batters to capture the victory..
    2 matches comment Anyone know what font this is? Thanks in advance.
    1 matches comment Attention members,Great Vacation Packages, includes hotels, airline tickets to Hawaii, Las Vegas, California, New York, Europe and Asia.. Can't miss opportunity http://anthonysguides.com/rhea/travel/great_cheap_vacation_deals.htm
    1 matches comment Check out this site it's just a taste of what is avliable. asian simulation and asian actual BiG
    2 matches comment view details for free font #2775 A Serpentine deriviate to mimic the Mountain Dew logo. Now also widely used for wrestling events. Badly designed - in my humble opinion - with a very incomplete character set. kk.
    1 matches comment Hi, Air Berlin use a typeface that looks similar. I just noticed it today and found a posting in a german fontblog: http://www.fontblog.de/neues-corporate-design-bei-air-berlin Have a look at the diverent typefaces of the chalet family from house industries: http://www.houseind.com/fonts/chalet look at the 1970s, notice the wrong s and look at the 1960s for the right s. It might be a starting point. Btw: Someone else noticed the similarity to Helvetica too. The 1960s style tend a little bit to Helvetica. Bye Bye

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