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    1 matches comment Agency by Fontbureau.
    1 matches comment I think this is a custom font. Probably based on the Agency
    1 matches comment Hello, I purchased a new computer after losing everything on my last one. Agency FB is one of the fonts I had and I thought it came standard in Windows. I don't remember ever installing it or installing any application that it came with. Now I don't have it. I see places to purchase it, but I really don't believe I should need to purchase a font that I previously had for free. Especially not for $40. Does anyone know where I can find it? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    1 matches comment Thank you very much koeiekat........ =) thanks to you today my wedding invitation design can be given to printing agency =) Thank you ......
    2 matches comment Okay :D That was more than enough to convince me of your suggestion. To be honest that's the first time I'm concerned with typography - and I definitively wouldn't have noticed these tiny differences you mentioned. Please don't spend too much of your spare time looking for this bleeding font - it isn't that important. But I'll continue phoning some people because there has to be somebody in our club who knows something about this logo or the person or agency or whatever that created it. If I find out something be sure that I'll let you know. Maybe "recreate" was the wrong word - all I do is vectorizing the image that it can be used for printing. But I promise to post it if it's finished! :)
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi, looks a little bit like the uppercase S from Agency (Font Beureau) shipped with windows XP. But the lines are not cut hoizontal and figures didn't match. See the attached file. Bye Bye
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11670 hi koeiekat, i used "Agency FB" and works fine, i think the problem must be in the name of the font, i tried "PlanetEstyle", "Planet Estyle", "Planet Style" and nothing
    1 matches comment Actually, it's Ashley Capital Unicase - a great font, created by my friend Kiril Zlatkov at AshleyHolmes Agency.
    1 matches comment Well, it has some Optima flavour, but in my opinion this is definitely a custom lettering. C'mon, they CAN afford to pay some big shot ad agency to do them a custom typeface :) PS. Looks suspiciously close to Nautilus

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