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    2 matches comment If anyone has Slimbach std. bold italic, could you print out Pom Rescue.com and email it to me in adobe Illustrator? Thanks, Mary signbiz@bellsouth.net
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi, Bembo Std: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/bembo/ The ampersand is from the Bembo Std Italic. The example above is made with Softmakers bergamo, a Bembo clone. Bye bye
    4 matches comment I received an email from someone downloading my fonts: " I know you aren’t font tech help line, but have never been able to get a PC to recognize your fonts even though they are TTF’s. Any ideas? When I load them (they are recognized as TTF icons) they are not recognized by Adobe and when I double click the font I get an empty font page. Any ideas? Be more than happy to donate if I can use them." I have never heard this before, do you guiys know what could be happening? They of course work in my Adobe, and others that I know of. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    3 matches comment Once i've downloaded a Font, how do I make it useable in Adobe Photoshop? I'm sure ive done it before but I cant mange it this time!
    1 matches comment Hello Similar: Legal™ Std Medium Font Alex
    1 matches comment uploaded image Mesquite Std - Typekit https://typekit.com/fonts/mesquite-std
    4 matches comment Anyone know the designer of this font? Need to find out it's history for an Adobe Illustrator Class. Thanks
    5 matches comment Toni, The line below use to be down in a way called Handlettering with French Curves, Rapidograph pens, steady hands and a lot of time and effort. To achieve this same effect today, most can use a program called Adobe Illustrator - outline the type and pull, stretch, add, take away points till they get the desired effect. Corel and Photoshop are paint programs -- Illustrator is just what it says it is - illustration. And it comes with wonderful filters - including perspectives - like above.
    2 matches comment That J is common with the Caslons. More significant is the d which you find in a.o. the Adobe Caslon Regular. Not a match though. The dot on the j is too high up. This may ask for some digging ...

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    Adobe Systems Incorporated external .

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    DF Ming Complete Family Pack
    DF W Z Ming Traditional Chinese HK-W 4
    DF Ming Traditional Chinese HK-W 12
    DF Ming Traditional Chinese HK-W 14
    DF Ming Traditional Chinese HK-W 3
    DF Ming Traditional Chinese HK-W 5
    DF Ming Traditional Chinese HK-W 7
    DF Ming Traditional Chinese HK-W 9
    Ming Regular
    P Ming Li U Regular
    DINEngschrift Std
    DINMittelschrift Std
    Old Style7 Std
    Mathematical Pi LT Std
    Anna Std
    Beesknees Std
    Ozwald Std
    Caslon224 Std-Black
    Caslon224 Std-Bold
    Caslon224 Std-Book
    Caslon224 Std-Medium
    CTMercurius Std-Black
    CTMercurius Std-Light
    CTMercurius Std-Medium
    ITCSymbol Std-Black
    ITCSymbol Std-Bold
    ITCSymbol Std-Book
    ITCSymbol Std-Medium
    Amigo Std
    Balzano Std
    Banco Std
    Banshee Std
    Bembo Std
    Bodoni Std
    Caliban Std
    Charme Std
    Coriander Std
    Courier Std
    Critter Std
    Cutout Std
    Eccentric Std
    Flood Std
    Fusaka Std
    Giddyup Std
    Ironwood Std
    Isabella Std
    Juniper Std
    Khaki Std-1
    Khaki Std-2
    Legault Std
    Marigold Std
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    Heisei Std
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    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Dm Cp
    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Dm Cp It
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    ITCFranklin Gothic Std-Md Cd It
    Woodtype Ornaments Std
    Caslon224 Std-Black Italic
    Caslon224 Std-Bold Italic
    Caslon224 Std-Book Italic
    Caslon224 Std-Medium Italic

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