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    1 matches comment Hello Royal Acid is close. Alex I found it using: http://www.whatfontis.com - Identify the font you are looking for!
    1 matches comment view details for free font #2749 The Stencil after Matt Dennewitz gave it an acid shower.
    1 matches comment hello its me the SIMULARITY MAN, so today I sugggest a font called Jazz, its pretty much similar :D
    1 matches comment Hello Im absolutely new at this. Could anyone help me find out what is the official font type or style for GANT USA. you can see it on www.gant.com or I have also attached a picture taken from the webiste. Thank you ! Jazz
    1 matches comment I am looking for this font for a logo recreation and I found it on acid fonts. It's called "cosmic girl", but when I download and installed it I don't get it in my font list. Something is wrong with it, and I don't want to spend the time to fix it. Does anyone know where I can find this font? Does anyone have the font (mac version prefered)?
    1 matches comment Hi Katie- There's a possibility that this exists as an actual fontset, but it's far more likely that the designer(s) have altered the size, kerning and case of the characters to jazz the logo up a notch. If this is the case, then it's probably either Futura or Avant Garde, with the "W" inverted to create a more interesting "M". Both fonts are available from www.myfonts.com by numerous foundries, but unfortunately they're commercial. Of course, if anyone else cares to put me right, they're more than welcome. All the ta's, -Třrnquist

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    Acid Squares
    Acid Bath
    Bad Acid
    Acid Haus Clean
    Acid Haus Filthy
    Bad Acid Highlight
    Jazz LET
    Acid Queen Regular
    Ingredients-Ascorbic Acid
    Ingredients Ascorbic Acid
    African Jazz
    Alpha Jazz
    Jazz Gothic
    Bumblebee On Acid
    Alpha Jazz Alt
    Jazz Gothic-Alt
    Fontdinerdotcom Jazz Dark
    Fontdinerdotcom Jazz Light
    Jazz Ragtime URW D
    Liquorstore Jazz
    Nicotine Jazz
    Alpha Jazz Package
    Liquorstore Jazz Italic
    Liquorstore Jazz Regular
    Liquorstore Jazz Italic
    Jazz Ragtime URW
    Nicotine Jazz
    Flapper Condensed
    Flapper Family
    Flapper Oblique
    Flapper Outline
    Flapper Regular
    Flint Regular
    VIP Regular
    My Left Hand Regular
    Spargo Alternate
    Spargo Condensed
    Spargo Family
    Spargo Outline
    Spargo Regular
    Jazmo Regular
    Spargo Engraved
    Miedinger Regular
    Sol Black
    Sol Bold
    Sol Italic
    Sol Light
    Sol Medium
    Sol Regular
    Sol Volume
    Beatnik Regular
    Beatnik Sm Cap
    Spargo Outline Aternate
    Freco Regular
    RM DECOr Regular
    Sol Black Italic
    Sol Bold Italic
    Sol Condensed Black
    Sol Condensed Bold
    Sol Condensed Italic
    Sol Condensed Light
    Sol Condensed Medium
    Sol Condensed Regular
    Sol Condensed Volume
    Sol Light Italic
    Sol Medium Italic
    Mister Twiggs Heavy
    Mister Twiggs Regular
    Oblik Regular
    Sol Complete Family Pack
    Sol Condensed Black Italic
    Sol Condensed Bold Italic
    Sol Condensed Light Italic
    Sol Condensed Medium Italic
    Oblik Black
    Oblik Bold
    Oblik Light
    Mister Twiggs Thin
    Beatnik Complete Family Pack
    Oblik Complete Family
    Oblik Regular Italic
    Mister Complete Family Pack
    Koch® OriginalLP
    Oblik Black Italic
    Oblik Bold Italic
    Oblik Light Italic
    Oblik Serif Bold
    Oblik Serif Light
    Oblik Serif Regular
    Hardwood LP Regular
    P22 Flornaments
    Moxie Complete Family Pack
    Oblik Serif Complete Family
    Stock Complete Family Pack
    Diago Complete Family Pack
    P22 Flora Mambo Regular
    Formula Complete Family Pack
    P22 Flora Mambo Set
    Jazz Gothic Regular

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