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    1 matches comment :( Sorry if i started a feud, just askin' so I didn't accidentally use it wrong! :)
    1 matches comment any idea where i can find this font CK Maternal...i accidentally deleted it and my wife kinda needs it
    1 matches comment I accidentally deleted the fonts Arial and Arial Black. Does anyone have these that they could send to me?
    1 matches comment Alex, by the way, that's one thing that could be useful in the future, at least to us admins. Is it possible to delete fonts that aren't approved and still are queued? Also, I accidentally uploaded a revision of neogrey font with a slightly different name and now there are 2 neogreys on site...
    1 matches comment Hey Justin, what do you feel about AG Old Face BQ as the font at the top and the bottom of the logo? I just found that one "accidentally" ;) But I still have no idea what this font in the middle could be... Damn it. Kind regards
    1 matches comment anybody please help me locating the font for the web page. what happened is in order to remove those unused fonts i started deleting the fonts one by one. the next day when i open the browser say yahoo! mail in internet explorer i see the font in the page little bit expanded and much more larger. could anyone tell me the font i need to install to get back the original font of the web page? [/img]
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