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    1 matches comment I've been working with computer fonts since 1977. There are two fonts I'm having problems with (out of 750) and I can't figure out why. Bunny Rabbits and Beautiful Beasts. I can download them, extract them, install them and open them and they look fine. When I try using them in Corel Draw (either typing with them set as the current font - OR - typing something in another font, then selecting it and changing it) they literally DISAPPEAR. I can't figure out why. I'm using Windows XP. This happens on both my home and work computers. It's very odd. :confused:
    2 matches comment after downloading a font, i opened it and it didn't really do anything...how do i make it so i can start typing it on microsoft word?
    1 matches comment Copycat- glad I could help you. Lisa- the letter you're looking for is "ř". If you're using Windows, you can type it by holding Alt any typing 0248 on your numpad. And thanks. -T
    1 matches comment DUde there is another one called DECOTECH TL download it and try typing it in lower case again it is similar to what you are looking for again on DAFONT.com. Let me know if this helps .
    1 matches comment move the characters around, and slap some square blocks behind odd ones. as opposed to typing in a straight line without any distortions or other gpraphical elements.
    1 matches comment There is one with only the lower case letters, the Elastic Wrath.
    1 matches comment That is the 04b_03. Always handy to do a search as Swallow suggested.
    1 matches comment you download and install. however, and a big one. the other person has to have the exact same font installed to see what you are typing in that font. if they dont, they see a substitute.
    1 matches comment What I referred to 5 years ago was the demo of a font that was still to be released. The demo only has the lower case letters a through v and the capitals ABC and D. For the complete font go here: http://www.norfok.de/nfi102006/pre_otectpray.htm

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