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    5 matches comment I want Hindi Stylish Fonts for DTP work. Help !
    2 matches comment I am looking for a font called Lumios - it has a star where the i is dotted. I have only seen snippets of it and would like to have it.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #6246 dotted
    2 matches comment Hi, i'm looking for the name of the font used for the Elvis nr 1 cd, letters made out of dots, or a similar font. Anyone ? thanks\kind regards Rik
    2 matches comment Personally I think that the Dnealianmanuscriptlined (what a name!!) would be a better option. Specially the cursieve font. Shall it be dotted? Sandpaper, though, is still better. It made me manage writing before typing! [img:ef629152ba]http://www.thebronx.myweb.nl/images/fordots2.gif[/img:ef629152ba]
    2 matches comment ? Hi everyone. I made a layout months ago, lost all my data and now I need to work on that layout again. I used three fonts and I have no idea what they're called so I was wondering if someone could identify it for me? http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/5282/3fontsdi4.gif Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment i'm looking for a font that could be used to evoke the image of india. Caliph could work but it's a bit arabic rather than hindi.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11541 Thanks but I had already done a search under "bees" Unfortunately I do not have a sample to hand as yet but suffice to say the font is a little bit like a seventies font with bees flying aound it with the words buzz and dotted lines behind them. I think it's only the uppercase letters with Bees the rest are "plain" Chairs Narts
    1 matches comment ? Hi I am after a font that i can download and use that writes english but looks like Hindi/indian. Prefer a free one if poss look forward to response Jimbo1980
    1 matches comment Hello you Internet-Pros! I'm looking for this dotted font called 'Unda Square', they used it in 'Sky Magazine' in the Uk. It looks a little like a mobile phone text, but with more dots which makes it more legibale. I'm not very good at loading down stuff yet, has anyone seen it on a site that is easy enough for me?? Thank you for looking

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