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    30 matches comment Hi, I run Dirt2.com (my fonts are available here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/designer/412/Dirt2) I have a problem with operating systems though, I can't figure out how to make some fonts work on Mac. I use FontLab and FontCreator and there's two fonts in particular that will not work on Mac. When you save fonts in FontCreator they don't seem to work in Mac for me, I don't understand why but I tried exporting the font in Fontlab and it has worked for some fonts. The fonts I am trying to work with are: http://dirt2.com/2009/06/juicy-hunt/ http://dirt2.com/2009/04/st-andrew/ Any help is appreciated. Andrew2
    5 matches comment I want Hindi Stylish Fonts for DTP work. Help !
    5 matches comment Ok so I am new to the club. I downloaded a font and got a zipped file. When I opened the file I get a words document with ABCDEFG etc. How does the font work?? I keep downloading read only files. whats the use of down loading the fonts if all I can do is look at it. Is there something i am missing. do I have to pay for that extra service though?
    4 matches comment OK sooo after you download the fonts then what? How do they work? I downloaded the files but there are no instructions.
    4 matches comment Great work, Alex. I truly like the new menus. Ooops, it seems that I cannot send you a private email. My fault, probably as since I'm using an Usb device to get online strange things happen to my browser. This was the message: Ciao, Alex, and again my best wishes for the new year. You've truly done a great work on the new layout. I will report any fault encountered, if any. Ciao e grazie!
    3 matches comment Great! I am happy to hear you're talking with Mr. Piekos. I think you'll find he's quite a good guy to work with. Didn't mean to scare you, but I've been a big fan of Blambot's fonts and hate to see his hard work go awry. I look forward to sticking around this forum! Thanks again for taking my message with sincerity. :D
    3 matches comment Well, these 'boring plain' fonts are copyrighted work by professional designers. To design a font properly with hinting and kerning for the different point sizes, so that it gives a professional result when printed, is a very (read VERY) time consuming job. You are talking hundreds if not thousands of hours. Like most people who do a professional job they like to get paid for their work. The contrary is generally spoken true for the 'flashy Innovative' fonts. Made by amateurs, incomplete, no kerning pairs whatsoever and often based on other people's work, - took me less than an hour!! - SIC. Yes those are free. And rightfully so; mostly rubbish and not worth a dime. So bad luck Joe. But you could have known. Everyone knows that you have to save all your belongings - up to the last comma - before you allow Bill Gates cs to do anything at all on your machine. They think all computers are their's and can do whatever they like ...
    4 matches comment I have just downloaded the font LainieDaySH, and it is saved, but I can't use it. Any idea what I have done wrong? TIA
    4 matches comment Yes. It is possible. That is, in theory. If it was practically possible wouldn't you think it would be used all over the place? You probably will have to wait for W3 and CSS3 before there will be a common standard. And even then, if there are font embedding restrictions it still won't work. Alas, a dream ... or rather, a nightmare.
    2 matches comment ? Thank you for letting us know. Should work now.

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