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    7 matches comment ! not ALL free fonts are listed on Abstract or Dafont, some designers choose where they want to be distributed. But what's the point of giving the same link as above, Prop?
    7 matches comment Wondering what this Clarendon-like typeface (or maybe even actual Clarendon variation/style) is or any details on it. Thanks in advance my loves :) ~Lauren More examples can be seen here http://www.okaybeta.com/work/beautiful.html
    7 matches comment Can anyone direct me to a (free) font that looks like cursive and chrome? We're trying to replicate the font from the Disney movie "Cars" for an elementary school project. Thanks--
    4 matches comment Looking for thin type like the attached or the one in http://www.behance.net/gallery/Toormix-New-Papers/311993 Please help!
    4 matches comment Hello all, looking for a font that has a grassy or plant type look to it...doing a poster for a show called "Grass Roots" and everything I find is a bit to flowery for my liking. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Rivena
    5 matches comment ? Does this appear as any particular typeface to anyone out there? Thanks.
    1 matches comment My name is Ed Rooney and I own and operate www.Inb0x.com. The plaigarism that took place on the part of one of my writers is not acceptable either for my clients or for myself. With that in mind I have issued an apology directly to both Brandon and Alex and now to the community here as a whole. I do feel it is important, however, that I make it known that this is not how I run my business. Inb0x.com has enjoyed enormous growth and positive feedback and has built a rock-solid reputation for customer service and quality forum posting. Unfortunately this can be ruined by the actions of a single rogue writer. As Brandon said himself - one of the problems when you hire someone to do a job is you cannot stand over their shoulder and control every move they make. I have over 200 writers working for me and we have accomplished over 30,000 forum posts to date without plaigarism ever being an issue. I am working to get at the name of the poster who plaigarised and will promptly remove them from my service. It has truly been an unfortunate and uncomfortable situation and I have taken all the steps I can to rectify the problem. I have refunded Brandon of course and am working to discover who the writer was. Because Brandon deleted his forum I cannot verify who was at fault. If any member of this community knows without doubt the username who plaigarised please contact me directly at admin@inb0x.com. The writers who were assigned to Brandon's forum were: Melos Chameleon Whirling Dervish felice206 Slashmire OneofaKind I would appreciate any help you could give me in determining who was at fault so I may prevent further damage by this writer to my hard-earned reputation. Lastly I would like to mention that hiring Inb0x has never resulted in this type of situation before and anyone considering using a paid forum posting service can remain confident that Inb0x is run with dedication to quality posting and customer service and this was a one-time incident involving a bad apple. I offer this community, Alex and Brandon my public apology and commitment to get to the bottom of this. Respectfully, Ed Rooney Owner - www.Inb0x.com
    6 matches comment [quote]Other thing, Alex, I can not see some background info anymore. Not urgent but it did help.[/quote] what type of background info are you referring to? i will be working on restoring usernames, but i will only do that on request, since i don't know the AF -> AF Forum username connections unless the user tells me. So please, in this thread, request for me to assign the old forum posts to your new, or existing new forum username. Provide your old username and the new username.
    4 matches comment I was wondering if anyone knew of a either free program that will enable me to open extended open type fonts? I am aware of adobe cs and illustrator, but they are too expensive for me. Thank you in advance.
    4 matches comment Can someone tell me what type of font style is this? Any help will be appreciated. [img:133ae7d0bf]http://img200.echo.cx/img200/1080/ededdneddy021jj.jpg[/img:133ae7d0bf]

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