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    6 matches comment greek week is Crown Title. For 2008 shop around in the sports dept.
    1 matches comment No Ivan, she has many great ideas for long runs but ... still has to learn to crawl ...
    3 matches comment Hey, I'm making a title for a video we're making and I want to bite the intro from the big lebowski, I found the font for big, but the other one, the and lebowski, is proving quite difficult. If anyone knows what it is, or at least what category to look in that would be awesome. Thanks, Justin
    1 matches comment Unity you mean. The one you mention is nothing but a cheap badly done rip-off. Crawl into a deep dark corner and be ashamed to the bone to even dare mentioning that disaster. Brrrrrrrrrr ...
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14719 And, to complete the series, the Title.
    3 matches comment uploaded image Author and title.
    1 matches comment Hi there! I have a design-related question, that I hope all you font boffins can help me with. I am in the process of re-branding my (small/one-man) company for a 2011 marketing drive. My current typeface in my title/logo looks a bit 1990's to me, so I would like to choose a new one out of the free fonts available. However, I cannot choose between the two options: A) Use a font for the title/logo, and then use the same font (and its family of Italics/Bold) for documents, brochures, slides, and all printed works within and around the company. (Think of Apple's use of Myriad everywhere.) B) Use one font for the logo/title, and then use a different font for document, brochures, and so on. (Think of Oracle's logo/title.) Any ideas? All comments are welcome! Thanks.
    4 matches comment If you want to know why I need these fonts, you'll see the answer in one of the previous posts on this 'subject.' Anyway, I'm making a new movie and really need this particular font for the title. If My old friend Ute, or my new friend BiG or maybe someone else could help me, I'd really appreciate it. Here's the picture:[/b:5ebc5c0176]
    1 matches comment Hi, Maybe not a digital typeface, but any idea what the title and body are? Or a close alternative? Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment Can you please give your opinion on which font is best for a title in a school project?

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    RTF Lancelot Title
    Archive Black Title
    Archive Harlem Title
    LTC Forum Title
    LTC Record Title
    OL Movie Title Gothic
    Title Gothic Light
    RTF Lancelot Title Light
    Archive Black Title Text
    Alexandar Title
    Bertoni Title
    Bronzino Title
    Clementhorpe Title
    Dasieve Title
    Flembo-Title SC
    Mexborough Title
    Oron Title MF
    Paragon Title
    Tinsel Title
    Aeris™ Title A Bold
    Aeris™ Title A Italic
    Aeris™ Title A Volume
    Aeris™ Title B Bold
    Aeris™ Title B Italic
    Aeris™ Title B Volume
    Aeris™ Title A Regular
    Aeris™ Title B Regular
    Aeris™ Title A Bold Italic
    Aeris™ Title B Bold Italic
    Gothic Outline Title (D)
    Alexandar Title Italic
    Bertoni Title Bold
    Clementhorpe Title Bold
    Dasieve Title Italic
    Flembo-Title Bold
    Flembo-Title Bold SC
    Flembo-Title Italic
    Paragon Title Condensed
    Paragon Title Expanded
    799 Insular Title
    Gothic Outline Title D
    Title Gothic Light
    Flembo-Title Bold Italic
    Holland Title Regular
    Stu Heinecke Title
    1741 Financiere Title Italic
    Bertoni Title Wide Expanded Bold
    Bertoni Title Wide Expanded Regular
    LTC Record Title Regular
    1906 Fantasio Auriol Title
    Bronzino™ Title
    Clementhorpe Title Bold
    Clementhorpe Title Regular
    Mexborough Title
    Paragon Title Condensed
    Paragon Title Expanded
    Paragon Title Regular
    Bertoni Title Set
    Archive Black Title Regular
    Archive Black Title Text
    Archive Harlem Title Regular
    Elsewhere Regular
    Fleete Bold
    Fleete Family
    Fleete Regular
    Fleete Sans
    Worthing Alternate
    Worthing Family
    Worthing Regular
    Worthing Shaded
    Fleete Shadowed Demibold
    Demis Regular
    Bertoni Title™ Bold
    Bertoni Title™ Regular
    Bertoni Title™ Wide
    Enforcer Regular
    Epruveta Bold
    Epruveta Light
    Epruveta Regular
    Equator Regular
    Demis Bold
    Epruveta Font Family
    Great Bromwich Bold
    Great Bromwich Family
    Great Bromwich Regular
    Bertoni Title™ Wide Bold
    Demis Complete Family
    Equator Font Family
    Vezus Font Family
    Equator Bold
    Vezus Black
    Vezus Bold
    Vezus Light
    Vezus Regular
    Rika Bold
    Able Regular
    Great Bromwich Shadowed Regular
    Mellin Family

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