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    3 matches comment You are truly amazing! You must be some sort of font locating robot.
    1 matches comment sorry i dont know why the pic disappeared here is the link http://media.filmforce.ign.com/media/034/034017/img_2543006.html marvin is the robot
    1 matches comment [size=9:247e17b527]Ute, I'm not 100% sure of what you meant in your last post, so I'm not sure if it's some sort of a joke, or an insult, or just a regular statement, but it sounds about right I guess... Just a question: How'd you figure out that I'm a robot who makes short spoof films starring stuffed animals who requires no sleep? Was it a guess or are you some sort of detective? Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm done with this whole stuffed animal movie business, the actors are asking for too much money. That was a joke. Moving on, I was looking for a font or two to use in the title and credits of the 'collection' but haven't been able to decide. Could you just give me a few of your favorite fonts, or fonts you think look the coolest, to give me a little inspiration as to what font to use? Anybody else who reads this post is welcome to share their thoughts too. Thanks, and make sure you watch television on Saturday night to see the debut of my movies. :rolleyes: In case you actually though I was serious, I'm not. *Sigh* [/size:247e17b527]

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