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    1 matches comment Hello FellowFontVoyagers, I am looking for a font that looks like it is roughly carved or scratched into wood, like initials carved into a tree or a picnic table. It needs to look a little like "chicken scratch". It is not a wood cut, it is rough and scratched into the wood. Has anybody seen this? Thanx. Dave
    2 matches comment What is a good wood cut or ancient type font? It will be used for t-shirt prints, so should be clear and easy to read. Thanks!
    1 matches comment view details for free font #4000 AMAZING FONT!
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11120 loks almost like wood or something
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11942 wood, sticks, lumber, twigs, forest
    1 matches comment ? More Details about cumaru decking here. Tweet ThisCumaru decking is an incredibly wise choice for decking material, northern exposure setbecause it is one of the most durable hardwoods you can buy. So what makes cumaru decking so durable, and how does it effect your deck? Starting at the most basic level, cheap northern exposure DVD that make up cumaru wood are packed tightly together, creating an extremely dense structure that is very difficult to penetrate. This hardness is measured by the Janka Hardness northern exposure series. The Janka Hardness Test was developed to set up standard by which all wood could be measured for hardness. In general, the harder the wood, the stronger it is. Cumaru decking boasts a score of 3540, Such a high density means that the wood will resist scratches, dents, and moisture penetration. Insects will find the wood too hard to chew through. All of these threats can add up to bring down ordinary decking materials,buy northern exposure DVD cumaru decking will persevere. One downside: the same hardness that protects the wood so admirably shop northern exposure DVD makes installation a bit tricky. The best carbide tipped saw blades are recommended for cutting, and all screws and nails must have a pre-drilled pilot hole. Another feature that makes cumaru decking northern exposure DVD on saledurable are the naturally occurring oils found inside the wood. In the jungles of cheapest northern exposure DVD, these oils serve to protect the trees from hungry insects and mold. On your deck, these oils serve the same purpose, acting as bug and water repellant and keeping your deck surface free from ugly mold spots.
    1 matches comment You’re welcome, Lee. And don’t worry. Sometimes we all don’t see the wood for the trees, so to speak.
    1 matches comment I'm not sure, because the pictures of the jerseys on there website aren't clear enough. But look for yourself: URW Wood Type http://www.myfonts.com/FontFamily3271.html Ute
    1 matches comment It's not the same - but has the same feel and is not a commercial font Western, Regular: http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/western For a commerical closeness - type WOOD in the search and check the fonts that show up.
    1 matches comment My mom had a sign made and wants me to make some out of wood, but she nor I can find this font and the person who made it is no longer in business. Please help me identify this font. I've tried the font finder with no success. Thank you.

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    Darrian external . Freehand Profit external .

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    Wood Type515
    Wood Type516
    Wood Type517
    Wood Type518
    Wood Barrel
    Wood Painter
    Wood Type515 Italic
    Wood Type515 Old Style
    Wood Type515 Outline
    Wood Type515 Shadow
    Wood Type515 Thin
    Wood Type515 Wide
    Dark Wood
    Dark Wood Three
    Dark Wood Two
    Wood Font Five
    Wood Font Four
    Wood Font Two
    Wood Box Gothic
    Wood French XX Condensed
    Wood Tuscan Condensed
    Unique Wood Normal
    Wood Antique Condensed Bold
    Dead Wood Rustic
    Page Wood Borders NF
    Untitled Wood Type
    Angostura Wood
    URW Wood Type (D)
    URW Wood Type OnlyShadow (D)
    Kvadrat Wood Z
    Wood Type URW D
    Untitled Wood Type Italic
    Untitled Wood Type Old Style
    Untitled Wood Type Outline
    Untitled Wood Type Shadow
    Untitled Wood Type Thin
    Untitled Wood Type Wide
    Wood Font Five
    Wood Font Four
    Wood Type URW Only Shadow D
    FB Wood Cut Regular
    Pakenham Wood
    Wood Font Two Regular
    Pakenham Wood
    Angostura Wood
    Dark Wood Regular
    Dark Wood Three Regular
    Dark Wood Two Regular
    Dark Wood Volume
    Dead Wood Rustic Regular
    Untitled Wood Type Thin
    Untitled Wood Type Wide
    Wood Type 515 Italic
    Wood Type 515 Oldstyle
    Wood Type 515 Outline
    Wood Type 515 Regular
    Wood Type 515 Shadow
    Wood Type 515 Thin
    Wood Type 515 Wide
    Wood Type 516 Regular
    Wood Type 518 Regular
    Pony-Wood Bold
    Pony-Wood Regular
    Gamira Wood
    Pony Wood Bold
    Pony Wood Regular
    Wood Type Collection
    Adobe Wood Type® Ornaments
    KvadratZ Cyrillic Wood
    Adobe Wood Type Ornaments Volume
    Untitled Wood Type Italic
    Untitled Wood Type OldStyle
    Untitled Wood Type Outline
    Untitled Wood Type Regular
    Untitled Wood Type Shadow
    Adobe Wood Type 3 Volume
    Adobe Wood Type 1 Volume
    Adobe Wood Type 2 Volume
    Woodtype Ornaments Std
    Woody SC
    Woody Volume
    Woody Plain
    AE Boxwood Alternates
    AE Boxwood Regular
    P22 Sherwood Regular
    AE Boxwood Complete Family Pack
    WoodType 515 Complete Family Pack
    Untitled WoodType Complete Family Pack
    Wausau™ Regular
    Xylo Sans Extended
    Xylo Sans Regular
    American Advertise 13
    American Advertise 14
    American Advertise 15
    American Advertise 16
    American Advertise 17
    American Advertise 19
    Revolution Gothic P Bold
    Revolution Gothic P Italic

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