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    1 matches comment When ever i try to install fonts that i have down loaded the come up as a bitman file that doesn't work, but when i save them as a .ttf or .fon a message comes up that says they aren't really fon't. How do i fix this? Kaerian
    2 matches comment WST (WindowsSysT) is a Windows XP system bitmap font. Ergo the extension .fon. _Engl is for the English OS. As far as I know there is no way to quickly convert it in a ttf or otf. FON files are bitmapped, low-resolution fonts for computer screens. TTF files are scalable font outlines. So there is no way to convert from FON to TTF (you can go in the other direction). To convert a bitmap to an outline, you need to trace each individual letter and make the tracing fit the bitmap. But read this.
    2 matches comment Hi, I have a Windows .FON font that I need to convert to a TrueType font. Is there any program that can do this ? Best regards, Eduardo
    2 matches comment Hi all! Thnx for helping me out! I appreciate it and hopefully I can identify someone else his font in the future.
    1 matches comment Get the fon format instead.
    1 matches comment What's the fon't used for the "Sexy Ladies" part of this logo?
    1 matches comment pls suggest the exact or similar one
    1 matches comment i m tired to find the id of this fon help needed to identify this font
    1 matches comment uploaded image I'd like this one, as in the picture. It is the standard coure.fon (I think) in Windows, but I need it as a ttf so that VS 2010 can use it.
    1 matches comment Usually all ttf, OTF or afp/pbm are vectors. Only the Pixel-Bitmaps with the .fon extension are not. (But I?m a cow in technical questions, maybe the afficionadas can help you with a more profound answer).

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    Kalix™ Italic
    Neustadt Regular
    Generation Lost
    ParaCaps Medium
    Futura® T Light
    Digital Regular Font
    Groom Regular
    Riposte Regular
    Nevia BT Bold
    Arsis® Italic
    Interceptor Italic
    Life® Italic
    Adequate Bold
    Bonsai Italic
    Epitet Light
    Prored Black
    Prored Light
    Graffick Font Family
    Berling™ Bold Italic
    Cooper Black™ PosterOutline (P)
    Ragnar™ Semi Bold
    Philadelphia Family with Aldersgate
    ITC Orbon™ Regular
    ITC Garamond™ Book
    Linotype Dala™ Pict
    WTC Goudy™ Light
    Fashion Didot Regular
    Camy Normal Medium
    Camy Normal Narrow
    Catholic Girls Regular
    Altemus Stars Two
    Emily Austin Regular
    Buddy Regular
    Fono Expanded Unicase
    Ministry Bold Italic
    Ministry Extra Light
    Ministry Thin Italic
    Overdrive Regular
    Arial® Rounded Light
    Garamond Volume (Ludlow)
    Wes Wilson Regular
    ITC Garamond™ Light Condensed
    Today I Feel Regular
    Really™ No 2 Bold
    Really™ No 2 Demi
    Ascender Serif WGL Bold
    Neuropol Nova Condensed Italic
    Revenue Complete Family Pack
    PAG Industria Regular
    Sadey Ann Regular
    Homeland BT Complete Family Pack
    Jalil Kashida Condensed Italic
    Mutamathil Taqlidi Bold Italic
    Sparrow Complete Family Pack
    Sui Generis Condensed Heavy
    Sui Generis Condensed Light
    Yasmine Mutamathil Bold Italic
    Jane Complete Family Pack
    Mitigate Typewriter Bold Regular
    Contenu Black Italic
    Kandt Complete Family Pack
    Bulmer Complete Family Pack
    Oblik Classic Black
    Fette Gotisch™ Regular
    Sabon® Next Extra Bold Italic SC
    URW Imperial Medium Narrow
    Contenu Book Regular
    URW Linear Bold Narrow
    URW Linear Medium Wide
    Klaxon One
    Klaxon Two
    Oblik Classic Light
    Hellshock Complete Family Pack
    ITC Souvenir® Monospaced Volume
    DF So Zing Traditional Chinese HK-W 3
    Mundo Sans™ Italic
    Mundo Sans™ Medium
    Font Outline
    Pricedown Complete Family Pack
    Deutsche Bahn AG Complete Family Pack
    Dharma Gothic Expanded Bold Italic
    Dharma Gothic Expanded Extra Light
    Dharma Gothic Expanded Thin Italic
    Dharma Gothic M Extra Light Italic
    Cooper Black™ Central European Italic
    Andalé Mono Complete Family Pack
    Dharma Gothic Condensed Extra Bold
    Linotype Syntax® Letter Medium Italic
    Dharma Slab Condensed Heavy Italic
    Dharma Slab Condensed Light Italic
    Amico Thin
    Foonky Heavy
    Jackcake Regular
    Motorcity Regular
    ITC Kabel® Hellenic WFS Book
    ITC Kabel® Hellenic WFS Demi
    Autofont Regular
    Draminex Family
    Salamanca TF Regular
    USF Recreational SEGD Volume

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