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    1 matches comment Made many fonts in Indian language but they would go more cool if TTF Programs has an option to change the Default Sample text . :confused: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog although this phrase has all alphabets but Would look cool if there's and option to change it would altering the key mappings
    2 matches comment How can I actaully USE those fonts? Cuz when i click the .ttf file it comes up with all the alphabets in the font and the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".:confused:
    1 matches comment Hi Heron go to page 2 and the 5th & 20th threads from end. Hopefully all will be revealed. (Or have I got a warped sense of homour?) Regards Gary
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11990 Quote: "A contemporary sans serif with the futuristic Art Deco feel of mid 20th century science fiction, particularly the early Flash Gordon serials. Saturday matinées at the Gaumont cinema in Allerton, Liverpool." www.k-type.com
    1 matches comment [img]http://assets.stepinsidedesign.com/stepicons/14728.jpg[/img] STOLTZE DESIGN created this limited-edition CD package for POISON’S 20th anniversary greatest hits collection. FONTS: TRADE GOTHIC, custom logotype; ART DIRECTOR: Susan LaVoie; DESIGNERS: Stoltze, Burns, George Restrepo, Justin Hattingh. (stepinsidedesign)
    1 matches comment Does anyone know where I can find the Dark Angel font, like the one on the official site? (www.fox.com) Thanks!:confused:
    1 matches comment After some more digging I found that the original name is Athletic script, now offered by The Quick Brown Fox as Aktuelle (sorry for deep-linking).
    2 matches comment You are not the only one who is confused. So am I. That is why I asked. Trough a Google ad link on this forum I stumble on urbanfonts.com. Never heard of, so I go there to have a sniff and see they have a forum. First impression, must be brand new because there are hardly any threads. Then I see that all threads started after May 20, 2006 but some have already more that 35 posts. Not bad for a brand new forum. Curious as I am I also open my other eye and see that these 35 posts all have the same date and are posted within 8 hours. I get more curious and start digging. What do I find? An excerpt of the former Abstractfonts forum. Messed up a bit and fancy user names but exactly the same posts. I find Liana (l-goldenquill). I find Třrnquist (nicknamed by me as the Viking and occasionally as Tweetybird). I find whole discussions between the three of us. Yet posts by the same person under different names. So, I wonder; what is this?? So I ask: Alex, what is this urbanfonts forum thing? The Alex in this question is Alex the webmaster of Abstractfonts.com. Is Alex who buried the old forum. Is Alex Chum.., Mississauga. So, Alex, I ask again, why is there a forum on urbanfonts.com that is a messed-up copy of a part of this (Abstractfonts) forum? Compare these: http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/30995/7091#post7091 and http://www.urbanfonts.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3 (ignore the first two posts in this thread). and jump to http://www.urbanfonts.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3&page=2 At the urbanfonts forum 'barrelt' aka 'byson' is hitesh.mehta. 'bullish' [how appropriate] aka 'chris' aka 'dodo' aka 'fox' is me, koeiekat. 'devon' aka 'falcon' aka 'ivan' is l_goldenquill [liana]. 'gilman' is Třrnquist [the 'ř' never showed on Abstractfonts, remember the discussion about that?].
    1 matches comment There seems to be a misunderstanding here. The Gibson logo was designed in the early years of the 20th century when type was available in lead - or not. Only a very few types were available in sizes fit for headings. So except for types that were used reguarly for news- and book-print and so most headers for other purposes were drawn by hand. Get a copy of a newspaper of those years and look at the advertisements. Tou will see that almost all 'fancy' headings and logos are hand drawn. Some of these are based on then existing types. Most are a free interpretation, specially logos. Assuming that the Gibson logo was indeed based on an existing type the chances that tat type has ever been digitized are minimal as only the most common types of those years (owned by Monotype and Linotype, ...) were, when lead an photosetting faded out. In short: If you insist to have a font that the Gibson logo is based on or that looks so similar that it could be used to (re)create the logo you might as well insist that the moon is a grapefruit. While everybody knows and is is very clear to see that it is a pancake. Even shorter: There is no such thing around.
    1 matches comment AdriaDB (NOT "Adria DB") (415 hits in 0.03 sec) is, as DB indicates, a copy font. DB=PrimaFonts alias Classic Font Corporation alias SoftMaker Software alias Brendel Informatik alias QBF (Quick Brown Fox) alias Christine Mauerkirchner alias Rainer Grunert alias ... DB (and/or SF) fonts have always been sold or have been bundled with other software like Serif's software (Page Plus, Draw Plus etc.) using the SF suffix. Now they can be found all over the place. The real thing that sits behind the Adria is the Ariston (Berthold). Edit kk: For those interested, read this.

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