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    1 matches comment What font is used on US bill for numbers ? any similar fonts ? [img:80be4db5de]http://img489.imageshack.us/img489/1178/numberfont8nn.jpg[/img:80be4db5de]
    1 matches comment Why not just get the thing an bill the client?
    3 matches comment after running some tests, looks like 100 will be a more realistic limit. That is already pushing it... The download will be over 10MB. I cannot afford too many of you downloading those things :D
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11256 old english, grunge.. not bad
    1 matches comment hmm... i am really not sure... sounds like you guys have to be talking to Bill... i have never had problems like that...
    2 matches comment Hi Bill- I've found a freeware clone of Bodoni for you, but I'm not sure whether it'll work...it appears to be from the bold face. http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/search/full_listing.htm?kw=bodinsmall I'll keep lookin', though... Questily, -Tørnquist
    1 matches comment Not 100%, but the closest thing I can think of is the Grenadier. The E is a bit off. But as the logo looks like a neon letter - hand blown - you never get it 100%. [img:c49cb11a72]http://www.abstractfonts.com/layout/fp/7/3/2/2/7322.png[/img:c49cb11a72]
    1 matches comment Cuba GREAT! Let me elaborate on the subject. Poor, full of hypocrisy ( comunist country, where people is not allowed to travel, especially to the states, with american dollar as preferred currency, for one ) but cheerful and sunny with lots of free time.
    1 matches comment Nah ... that g is so famous that this was really a top of the bill first class no-brainer. So, not that difficult.

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    Buffalo Bill
    Razor Bill RR
    Weird Bill
    Weird Bill High
    Weird Bill Loose
    Weird Bill Squat
    Buffalo Bill Regular
    Museo 100
    Tsikot 100
    Museo 100 Italic
    Design System A 100 I
    Design System A 100 R
    Design System B 100 I
    Design System B 100 R
    Design System C 100 I
    Design System C 100 R
    Design System D 100 I
    Design System D 100 R
    Design System E 100 I
    Design System E 100 R
    Design System F 100 I
    Design System F 100 R
    Design System G 100 I
    Design System G 100 R
    Razor Bill Regular
    Dimensions 100 I
    Dimensions 100 R
    Museo 100 Italic
    Tsikot 100 Italic
    Tsikot 100 Stencil
    Vigor DT Light 100
    Stereo Gothic 100
    100 Madison Ave.
    Stereo Gothic 100 Italic
    Greenbriar 100 Family
    Lomoâ„¢ Wall Outline 100
    Lomoâ„¢ Wall Strip 100
    Museo Sans 100
    Museo Slab 100
    Stereo Gothic 100
    Tsikot 100 Stencil Italic
    Vigor DT Condensed Light 100
    Vigor DT Light Italic 100
    Lomoâ„¢ Wall Pixel 100
    Museo 100
    Tephra 100
    Museo Sans 100
    Museo Slab 100
    Planet 100
    Museo Sans 100 Italic
    Museo Slab 100 Italic
    Stereo Gothic 100 Italic
    Vigor DT Condensed Light Italic 100
    Geometron Pro Angular-100
    Geometron Pro Radial 100
    Museo Sans 100 Italic
    Museo Sans Condensed 100
    Museo Sans Cyrillic 100
    Museo Slab 100 Italic
    Museo Sans Rounded 100
    Museo Sans Rounded 100
    Phoenica Std Mono 100
    Museo Sans Condensed 100 Italic
    Museo Sans Cyrillic 100 Italic
    Museo Sans Family
    Museo Complete Family
    Museo Slab Family
    Museo Roman Family Set
    Telidon Italic
    Declaration of Independence
    Typodermic Tech Pack
    Typodermic Diode Pack
    Megahertz In
    Megahertz Out
    Billsville Regular
    Leger Bold
    Leger Light
    Leger Regular
    Leger Volume
    Megahertz In Italic
    Megahertz Out Italic
    Megahertz Volume
    Swing Bill® Regular
    Billabong Family
    Didot Headline Regular
    Didot Display Bold
    Didot Display Demi
    Didot Display Regular
    Didot Headline Bold
    Didot Headline Demi
    Busted Complete Family Pack
    Museo Italic Family Set
    YD Gothic100 Pro Complete Family Pack
    YD Myungjo100 Pro Complete Family Pack

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