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    3 matches comment Looks almost exactly like Monotype Neo Tech Alt Medium - with a custom "7". It's so called "new Intel font"
    1 matches comment Hello people! Please, I need your help. I feel like to buy many fonts Neo Sans and Neo Tech, but they're very expensive. When I will get a good job and win the money, I'll each 4 fonts each month. But which font do you recommend I use more? 1) Neo Sans Regular and Medium 2) Neo Tech Alternate Regular and Medium 3) Neo Sans Intel Regular and Medium Choose one option for recommending that I use more. Thank you for your attention, understanding and help!
    5 matches comment Hello people! Please, help me, by education and kindness. What are the free fonts very similar to Neo Sans Regular and Medium fonts? 1) http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/agfa/neo-sans/ Thank you! Gustavo
    3 matches comment ® = Alt + 0174 © = Alt + 0169 ™ = Alt + 0153 in Arial Try it, most other Fonts have these symbols too Eagle
    5 matches comment uploaded image Hiya, can anyone suggest somewhere to get a free version of this font or one very similar? I've seen one that would do the job with even wider serifs, particularly on the central vertex of the W's, but I couldn't get that font's name :( I can only find commercial ones available of this alt shaded Engravers, but I can't believe that there isn't a free version of this style of font! Thanks for your help :D Lev
    1 matches comment uploaded image Neo-Intellectual? Nah! Neo-Classical? Nah! Maybe Neo-Greek? Nope. But you know what, if it were not for the 'E' it is Iconian Fonts' Achilles. Looks like someone has been tampering with something like the Classical Garamond to get that E. Edit: A newer version with all extended characters and the italic version can be found on dafont.com. Go get it ... Alex.
    5 matches comment Hi, I'm trying to re-create a logo for a client he had made 25 years ago, and haven't had any luck browsing the font websites so far. Any thoughts on the ID? Thanks much in advance!
    2 matches comment Hey could use some help. Does anyone know any free fonts similar to EF DIN 1451 Mittel Alt? I need to use the font but cannot afford to pay at this point in time due to financial constraints. Please help! http://www.fonts.com/findfonts/detail.htm?pid=403648
    1 matches comment That would be the Edwardian Script (Alt) ITC (bold) with an outline glow. Edwardian Script Alt
    1 matches comment Beautiful, isn't it? This is the Eidetic Neo Omni.

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    Neo® Tech Volume
    Neo Neo LET
    Neo® Tech Black
    Neo® Tech Bold
    Neo® Tech Italic
    Neo® Tech Light
    Neo® Tech Medium
    Neo® Tech Regular
    Neo® Tech Ultra
    Neo® Tech Black Italic
    Neo® Tech Bold Italic
    Neo® Tech Light Italic
    Neo® Tech Medium Italic
    Neo® Tech Ultra Italic
    Gad Tech MF Bold
    Gad Tech MF Light
    Gad Tech MF Medium
    Low Tech-Fat
    Low Tech-Regular
    Video Tech Closed A Italic
    Video Tech Closed Italic
    Video Tech Closed Outline
    Video Tech Closed Plain
    Video Tech Open A Italic
    Video Tech Open Italic
    Video Tech Open Outline
    Video Tech Open Plain
    Low Tech Fat
    Low Tech Regular
    Neo Neo™
    Antrax Tech
    Antrax Tech 3 D
    Video Tech Closed AItalic
    Video Tech Closed Italic
    Video Tech Closed Outline
    Video Tech Closed Plain
    Video Tech Open AItalic
    Video Tech Open Italic
    Video Tech Open Outline
    Video Tech Open Plain
    Neo MF-Medium
    Antrax Tech 3 D Italic
    Antrax Tech Italic
    Changeling Neo
    Neo Bulletin
    Oric Neo
    Gad Tech Bold
    Gad Tech Light
    Gad Tech Medium
    Changeling Neo Bold
    Changeling Neo Inline
    Changeling Neo Light
    Changeling Neo Stencil
    Neo Bulletin Splash Greetings
    Neo Franklin D Light
    Oric Neo Bold
    Oric Neo Italic
    Oric Neo Stencil
    Oric Neo Thin
    Vekta Neo Black
    Vekta Neo Bold
    Vekta Neo Book
    Vekta Neo Medium
    Oric Neo Bold Italic
    Oric Neo Thin Italic
    Vekta Neo Black Italic
    Vekta Neo Bold Italic
    Vekta Neo Book Italic
    Vekta Neo Medium Italic
    Alt Alternative
    ALT Apollo13
    Alt Ayame
    ALT Breo
    ALT Fatgami
    ALT Foldgami
    Alt Matey
    Alt Retro
    Alt Vxt11
    Neo Tokio One
    Neo Tokio Two
    Alt Detsch Frame
    Neo Contact D
    Clarendo Neo Ornaments Pro
    Erbar Neo Mini D Medium
    Alt Gothic
    Huxley Alt
    Patron Alt
    Resistance Is Complete Family Pack
    Neo Medium
    Typodermic Tech Pack
    Neo Tokio Volume
    Alt Alternative Bold
    Alt Alternative Light
    ALT Apollo13 Black
    ALT Apollo13 Duo
    Alt Ayame Bold
    Alt Ayame Duo
    Alt Ayame Italic
    ALT Breo Bold
    ALT Breo Light

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