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    4 matches comment Anyone point in the direction of a good typeface for old horror movie style typefaces? Examples of the type of posters found here: http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/100-illustrated-horror-film-posters-part-2/ The Jaws of Death, The Land That Time Forgot, King Kong
    12 matches comment ! Trying to figure what font was used in the poster for the movie "300"
    3 matches comment Does anyone know what these couple fonts from The King's Speech movie poster are? Any assistance would be very much appreciated! Thanking you in advance, jfknt.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11703 This dingbat is a Donkey Kong font that features loads of Kong related pictures.
    7 matches comment Can anyone direct me to a (free) font that looks like cursive and chrome? We're trying to replicate the font from the Disney movie "Cars" for an elementary school project. Thanks--
    7 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #12418 is it possible to make a peace sign? if so, how?
    6 matches comment I'm looking for a font similar to what was used in the old Casablanca posters. I believe this was a custom, hand drawn font - but I want something that will have a similar feel. I'm doing an invitation to a Casablanca themed party, and I want to mirror the style of the Casablanca movie poster. Any suggestions. I've uploaded a graphic of the font in question. Thaks so much!
    6 matches comment Looking for this font, including the cool R. Anyone know where I can get it for a mac for free?
    7 matches comment If you want to know why I need these fonts, you'll see the answer in one of the previous posts on this 'subject.' Anyway, I'm making a new movie and really need this particular font for the title. If My old friend Ute, or my new friend BiG or maybe someone else could help me, I'd really appreciate it. Here's the picture:[/b:5ebc5c0176]
    3 matches comment Hi, i need the "KING'S CROWN" font used on this pokerchip! Thanks

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    Googe & King Buffalo . Jacob King .

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    Tribal King
    CA Hail to the King
    Chicken King
    King George
    King Kirby
    King Pong
    King Richard
    Motel King
    Nigerian King
    Tribal King Alt
    Tribal King Bold
    Tribal King Digital
    Tribal King Italic
    LD Horror Movie
    King Kirby W/Dots
    King Richard Italic
    Movie Script
    Cooper Hilite Black
    Tribal King Bold Alt
    Tribal King Digital Alt
    Tribal King Italic Alt
    King Cool KC Pro
    B-Movie Retro Brush
    B-Movie Retro Catchwords
    B-Movie Retro Clean
    B-Movie Splatter-Clean
    B-Movie Splatter-Extreme
    B-Movie Splatter-Splash
    B-Movie Splatter-Words
    OL Movie Title Gothic
    B-Movie Retro Brush Extreme
    King Richard Italic
    King Richard Regular
    B-Movie Regular
    Silentina Movie
    Movie Script Regular
    DF Li King Hei™ Simplified on Traditional Chinese GB 5 HK-W 8
    Berber King Caps Bold
    DF Li King Hei Traditional Chinese HK-W 8
    Silentina Movie
    King Richard Complete Family Pack
    B-Movie Splatter™ Complete Value Pack
    B-Movie Retro™ Complete Value Pack
    King Tut Black
    King Tut Bold
    King Tut Light
    King Tut Medium
    King Tut Regular
    King Tut Semibold
    King Tut Thin
    King of Prussia Complete Family Pack
    King Tut Complete Family Pack
    MingLiU Regular
    P Ming Li U Regular
    DF Kai SB Regular
    Tanqueray Regular
    55 Madison Ave.
    75 Madison Ave.
    95 Madison Ave.
    97 Madison Ave.
    99 Madison Ave.
    Disco Salvation
    Piano Keys
    Sports Wave
    100 Madison Ave.
    102 Madison Ave.
    105 Madison Ave.
    155 Madison Ave.
    175 Madison Ave.
    201 Madison Ave.
    202 Madison Ave.
    275 Madison Ave.
    Disco Salvation Solid
    Pixel Dust Black
    Pixel Dust Bold
    Pixel Dust Caps
    Pixel Dust Regular
    Pixel Dust Caps Black
    Pixel Dust Caps Bold
    P22 Vale Regular
    Jongleur Regular
    Manicuore Regular
    Olympik Family
    Olympik Regular
    Racetrack Two
    Switched Off
    Switched On
    Dynatomic Regular
    Winthorpe Bold Italic
    Winthorpe SC Bold Italic
    Eclipse Regular
    Line Wire Light
    Line Wire Medium
    Starring Regular
    Monster Mash Regular
    Overtime LCD Bold

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