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    10 matches comment can anyone suggest a freeware or shareware truetype font similar to frutiger condensed?
    10 matches comment Hi I'm looking bernard mt condensed for free or a similar font. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
    2 matches comment ? I am looking for a fond named GOTHAM BOOK, hopefully I can find a place to download in free. It would be very appreciated if anyone can link me there. Thank you.
    4 matches comment ! Does anyone know if there is a clone for Gotham?
    1 matches comment Looks like Gotham by H+FJ.
    1 matches comment Anyone know of a good (free) substitution for the following fonts: Americana HTF Gotham Condensed Book Thanks, SM
    5 matches comment Is there anything close to Formata Condensed, available in TrueType? It doesn't need to be perfect, just looking to get close, the numbers in this font are a bit unique as well. Thank you in advance!
    4 matches comment view details for free font #12095 For softlad, cause a condensed version was needed.
    5 matches comment uploaded image here's a sample, I mean the font used for writing "The Beauty Issue" caption, Arial or Helvetica super condensed.. but what is exactly and where to find it?
    3 matches comment ! In need of an ID of the font used in this image. The exact typeface would be great but if not, I'd appreciate some recommendations for something similar. I've gone through the 'Condensed' category here but couldn't find anything suitable. Thanks in advance.

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    Condensed .

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    Gotham Rail Company NF
    Gotham Rail Company NF Regular
    Novecento Condensed Pack
    Novecento Condensed Bold
    Novecento Condensed Book
    Novecento Condensed DemiBold
    Novecento Condensed Light
    Novecento Condensed Medium
    Novecento Condensed Normal
    Novecento Condensed UltraBold
    Novecento Condensed UltraLight
    Novecento Pack
    Novecento Bold
    Novecento Book
    Novecento DemiBold
    Novecento Light
    Novecento Medium
    Novecento Normal
    Novecento UltraBold
    Novecento UltraLight
    Novecento Narrow Pack
    Novecento Wide Pack
    Novecento Narrow Bold
    Novecento Narrow Book
    Novecento Narrow DemiBold
    Novecento Narrow Light
    Novecento Narrow Medium
    Novecento Narrow Normal
    Novecento Narrow UltraBold
    Novecento Narrow UltraLight
    Novecento Wide Bold
    Novecento Wide Book
    Novecento Wide DemiBold
    Novecento Wide Light
    Novecento Wide Medium
    Novecento Wide Normal
    Novecento Wide UltraBold
    Novecento Wide UltraLight
    Novecento Complete Family Pack
    Kamerik 105 Book
    Kamerik 105 Light
    Kamerik 105 Thin
    Kamerik 205 Book
    Kamerik 205 Light
    Kamerik 205 Thin
    Kessel 105 Book
    Kessel 105 Light
    Kessel 105 Thin
    Kamerik 105 Bold
    Kamerik 105 Heavy
    Kamerik 205 Bold
    Kamerik 205 Heavy
    Kessel 105 Bold
    Kessel 105 Heavy
    Kaleko 105 Book
    Kaleko 105 Light
    Kaleko 105 Thin
    Kaleko 205 Book
    Kaleko 205 Light
    Kaleko 205 Thin
    Kaleko 105 Bold
    Kaleko 105 Heavy
    Kaleko 205 Bold
    Kaleko 205 Heavy
    Kessel 205 Book
    Kessel 205 Light
    Kessel 205 Thin
    Kessel 205 Bold
    Kessel 205 Heavy
    CamingoDos Condensed Black
    CamingoDos Condensed Bold
    CamingoDos Condensed Light
    CamingoDos Condensed Regular
    Regatta™ Condensed
    Algerian Condensed LET
    Antique X Condensed
    Bisco Condensed
    Clarendon Condensed
    DIN Condensed
    Gesta Condensed
    Mono Condensed
    Otis Condensed
    Regatta Condensed LET
    Trenton Condensed
    Van Condensed LF
    Torino Condensed
    PL Fiorello Condensed
    Latin Extra Condensed Condensed
    CamingoDos Condensed Black Italic
    CamingoDos Condensed Bold Italic
    CamingoDos Condensed Extra Bold
    CamingoDos Condensed Extra Light
    CamingoDos Condensed Light Italic
    CamingoDos Condensed Regular Italic
    CamingoDos Condensed Semi Bold
    PL Modern™ Heavy Condensed
    Custard Condensed
    Ulissa Condensed Bold
    Ulissa Condensed Book
    Ulissa Condensed Light

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