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    1. Can you identify a font for me?
    2. How to unzip a file?
    3. How do I install fonts?
    4. Can I use freeware fonts for my work?

    Can you identify a font for me?
    Please post all of the identification requests in the forum. There are many people who are knowledgeable about fonts that frequent the forums and can help in answering all your font identification and other related questions.

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    How to unzip a file?
    Both Mac and Windows offer built-in tools to extract zipped files. In Windows, right-click on the zip file and choose "Extract To" option.
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    How do I install fonts?
    1. Unzip font files
    2. Put the unzipped font files into your C:\Windows\Fonts folder

    1. Unzip the .ttf font files
    2. Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
    3. Double-click the Fonts folder
    4. Choose File -> Install New Font
    5. Locate the fonts you want to install
      • In the Drives list, select the drive containing the fonts you just unzipped
      • In the Folders list, navigate to the folder that contains the fonts
      • The fonts in the folder appear under List of Fonts.
    6. Select the fonts to install. To select more than one font, hold down the CTRL key and click each font
    7. To copy the fonts to the Fonts folder, make sure the Copy fonts to the Fonts folder check box is selected
      Note: If installing fonts from a removable drive make sure this check box is checked. Otherwise, to use the fonts in your applications, you must always have the drive plugged in.
    8. Click OK to install the fonts
    Mac OS X
    To install fonts onto a MAC you will need OS X which has native support for True Type fonts. To install fonts on an older version of MAC OS you will most likely need a conversion program, such as TTConverter

    Fonts can exist in four different Folders in OS X:
    1. Mac Hard Disk/Library/Fonts
      This is public, available to anyone
    2. Mac Hard Disk/System/Library/Fonts
      System only fonts
    3. Mac Hard Disk/Users/~/Library/Fonts
      ~ denotes user's personal home folder
    4. Mac Hard Disk/Network/Library/Fonts
      Share fonts with others with access
    OS X loads fonts from all these locations to make them available to applications. OS X fonts take precedence over Classic fonts with the same name. Therefore, the 'Helvetica' used in Classic may not be the same Helvetica in OS X.

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    Can I use freeware fonts for my work?
    Free fonts can be used without acquiring copyright permission as long as you will not profit from the use of the font.
    The author of the font will always retain the copyright, which refers to the reproduction, distribution, alteration and publication of the font.

    Detailed copyright information is available for individual fonts in the readme.txt file or other documents, which are included as a part of the zip font file.

    Copyright information is often embedded within the font file itself. You can see that information for the particular font by clicking "File Info", below "Download".

    If you are still unsure if you can use a font for a particular task the best action would be to contact the author and request the permission.

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