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    comment This is your forum, this is your show. There is no point arguing if a moderator action is right or wrong. You call the shots as far as what's going on here. However, the thread might be outdated but the topic is not. I occassionally get private messages from here looking for this font so I decided to do this to get myself out of this mess. I was hoping that indirectly linking to a site through a lesser known search engine might do the trick. This is what I got for bragging. :( If I only know how to create fonts, I will make my own fonts of all football jersey fonts. I love them and I am not engaged in any business directly or indirectly related to football. I also do not use these fonts for anything commercial, purely personal. I am no longer replying to private or public messages regarding the MLS font. Considering that directly or indirectly linking to a site where i know the font is found is not acceptable here, I suggest that anyone looking for this font should go to your favorite search engine and look for the "MLS uniform font". I also suggest that you use a meta search engine to rid yourself of unrelated search results (spam?) that abound in the results major search engines show you. Go to a meta search engine like,,,, and hundreds of other meta search out there but it is the top (unpaid) result at :) BTW football jersey counterfeiters exist in South America, Europe and in every territory where the game is popular. China and South East Asia do not have a monopoly. Would you believe that football jersey counterfeiters exist even in Spain? And with this, I take my leave.
    comment If you are looking for the MLS font, go to this link This link will bring you to the results page at, where I found the font. Click on the result for a web site that has alt. something on the web page title. I can post the site here but the moderators might not approve. When you get to that site, click on the 2010 tab and scroll down to the bottom of the list because the list is date-based and the font was released early 2010. There are many other football fonts on that 2010 tab, just scroll through the list. Edit Mod: URL changed to non existing URL.
    comment uploaded image mls
    comment any chance for a correct id... that is taking into consideration the other images posted
    comment [quote]@jaxal:I looking for the MLS (US Major League Soccer) Official font.[/quote] This is an old message but I just happen to know where you can download a free font derived from that jersey font. I can't post the url here because the last time I mentioned a segment of the internet here, the mods here deleted the mention of that segment. It just happens that that is a part of the site name. The font is free, the website is free but the site name is not free to post here. That is pretty design.
    comment Anyone care to give this font another shot?
    comment That's it!! Did not expect Adidas or Real Madrid will use a free font but I am glad that they did. Thank you
    comment What is this font?
    comment uploaded image Some of the letters may match especially those in KAKA but Antenna is not an exact match if you will consider the second image uploaded. On closer look, the J's do not match. The Antenna sample came from the Antenna character set at FontShop.
    comment You are right even with the Juan and Donovan jerseys. I was looking at another image that was based on a vector drawing by a football fan. I got a copy of the char set of the font from FontShop and will now look for a jersey with a C, G, Q and S. $210 for the whole set or $40 for the regular is too much for me. I will have to content myself for enjoying this font from afar. A zillion thanks for the help.
    comment uploaded image Thank you. I had a look at FontShop and it is very close but not an exact match. I do not blame you as I only showed two letters (not counting the accented A) to work on. Mea culpa. Just the same, many thanks. Found other images of jerseys. Would you have another go at this image?
    comment [quote]@koeiekat:The Kat thinks you are on the wrong forum ...[/quote] How come????? Isn't font IDing one of the things done here? Don't you think that's a legitimate request? Or what's done here is just to ID free fonts. If that's the case then you're probably right.
    comment Your best chance to get that font is from [edited, mod]. How to get to that [edited, mod] really depends on your ISP. My ISP does not carry [edited, mod] but if yours does, than that's the place to go.
    comment Why? Because I want to know! IF you meant what for, it is purely for personal, non-commercial use. I went here because a friend told me that people here are good at IDing fonts.
    comment Can you name the font used in "KAKA"? I already have the numbers font, only need to know what font is used for KAKA. Thanks in advance.