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    comment view details for free font #12747 I see no image, but this is actually not the fonts name, it is called the chemical parade. It is a little difficult to use unless you have photoshop or a vector base program that you can move the letters around. It is an all cap font... and due to the letters being taken from a logo, although I centered them in each frame, some flush to left or right when typing. You just have to move them around a bit by hand.
    comment uploaded image it is 'the chemical parade' I'm the fan that created it and alex linked it properly in the inital post edit. Only problem when someone uploaded it here to abstract, they had my name on it but in the business it said (your business here) although when you download the font and open it, all info regarding creation is there.
    comment The font that is pictured above 'the black parade' is ONYX it is not a free font. I had to purchase it. You can find it at fonts.com The My Chemical romance font on the album cover I have made a font from and uploaded it to deviant art, I also found it here at abstracts with credit to me... I named it 'the chemical parade' it is an all cap font and only works on PC, I have been told there is an error that occurs when using font book (making the characters arabic) as well.