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    comment hahahaah I'm famous here - thanks to Sergio!!! No, David, I didn't have time to look up my designer friend yet. I just got a new job and I'm also pretty busy with my other current business, making jewelry (btw, why not? I'll make some publicity -, check it out - it's nice) so be patient a little longer, I think I CAN get hold of her through common acquaintances.
    comment hi David, I did have the entire alphabet once, as Tiff images. I'll try to get in touch with the designer, who found them somewhere and had them copied/scanned. I'll let you know if I get hold of her. Compliments, great job you did! I used to create fonts from scans, using Fontographer on Mac - I'm talking of a million years ago. Around the same time when I was working on that book! Yes, Internet makes the world very small.
    comment I was. There was a reason. :)
    comment hi, I am the one who typeset the book. Unfortunately no, that wasn't a font. They were images scanned and inserted one by one - in fact, until not long ago I had all the scanned images on a disc, but I'm afraid I don't anymore. Sorry! I could try to get in touch with my friend who designed the book, who knows, she might have the source images somewhere.