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    comment [quote]@Schwalben Koenig:We think it is very close to Myriad, FF Transit and Frutiger. And we don’t know if the typeface itself has rounded ends or if it’s the bad shot of the image. If it’s the first, then we don’t know. If it’s the latter then you can choose for yourself which suits you best.[/quote] Then, Thank You so much!
    comment [quote]@koeiekat:[quote]@Schwalben Koenig:So, where is the sample from, Hugo Rango?[/quote] The one missing is Melbourne ... so may very well be there.[/quote] I dont remember, i took this picture on google image.. So you think that it is Myriad Pro right? thanks again !
    comment right.. it is the perspective of the picture, or does the font has got more "rounded corners" than myriad pro? thanks
    comment could someone help me and tell me what is the name of this sweet font please? (the "DEPARTURE FONT" and the FLIGHT, DESTINATION, etc... font) thanks!