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    comment Hi There, I know this is a typographical design but I'm looking for a free font similar to this. Thank you in advance. Kind Regards Jay
    comment Thanks Alex!!! Happy days !!!!
    comment Hi guys, Could anyone tell me what this font is, its really cool. Thanks in advance Johan
    comment jellyka_saint_andrews_queen
    comment Hi Guys, Can you please help me identify this font? Thank you in advance!
    comment Thanks so much Alex!
    comment Hi There, Does anyone know what the "BEARDWORX" font is. Thanks is advance
    comment Hi There, Does anyone possibly know what this font is? Thanking you in Advance. Jay
    comment Hi All. You font guru's could you please let me know if you know what this font is? Have a super day! Thanks J
    comment Hi There, I'm lost, I'm going through all these fonts and can't seem to find one close to this, can you please help :) Thanks Johan
    comment thank you so much, have fun x
    comment Hi Everyone, Could anyone tell me what this font is? Thanks Fontsters!!
    comment Hi There, Could anyone tell me what the font is that is used in the TECHNICOLD logo. Thanks in advance. Jay
    comment thanks a million!!!
    comment Hi Everyone, Could one ouf you brilliant people please help me out with this font, I'm preferably looking for a free one. Thanks in advance
    comment slicker_regular I solved it my first font solve hehe...
    comment Anyone got an idea about this font. Thanks J
    comment Could someone help me out with this one please?
    comment Thanks a Million!
    comment Hi Ther, Was wondering if you could help with the identification of the font in the logo image. Possibly if I can get a free one it will be better. Thanks in advance to all you brilliant people out there. Thanks Johan