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    comment Many thanks, Alex. Very similar but not an exact match - take a closer look at the 'R.' Will be willing to use as a substitute if the search remains unfruitful.
    comment Please can anyone help me identify the name of this font? Can't seem to ID it on the automated sites. Thanks in advance!
    comment Please does anyone know the name of this font used for the Shu Uemura international cosmetics line?
    comment Thanks a lot, propaganda.hilfs.kra!
    comment uploaded image Here's a quick view of the font I'm looking for.
    comment Please can anyone help me get a positive ID on this font. Thanks good people!
    comment Thanks, Alex!
    comment Please can anyone help me identify the following font?
    comment Yeah, I got you the first time... why remarry an 'it' when you're already married to a 'she'? Don't belabour 'it'... I knew you were just kiddin' and so was I.
    comment Once again... thanxalot!
    comment Could someone please help tag a name to this face?
    comment Thanxalot! Its a pity, about the proposal though, I'm already married!
    comment 'twas nothing. Can't take the credit. I used ''. In this instance, it hit it bull's eye!
    comment Its Braganza ITC.
    comment I'd appreciate if anyone can help me identify this font...
    comment Hi. I've been trying to identify this font. I've been seeing around quite a bit and I kinda like it. Can anyone help?
    comment Excellent!...we have a winner! Bickham Script Pro Regular it is with lots o' glyphs and ligatures. Thanks guys!
    comment Hi can anyone please help me identify this pretty font?
    comment Is Freehand575 BT
    comment Is ZapfChan Dm BT