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    comment Sooooooo, now that I see DIN - I am thinking that it might be a different font. I uploaded it to a new thread - if anyone could help me? Thank you!
    comment I thought that my logo used DIN, but before I download it I was hoping that someone could help me. Once I found where to buy DIN, I noticed that maybe it wasn't DIN that I am looking for?!?!! Can someone please help me identify what font is "SALIVA"?
    comment lol - i can't help it
    comment nope - i had one question - followed by a "thank you" - you chose to be rude
    comment ha - you angry lil man
    comment you aren't very nice
    comment just because
    comment for no reason
    comment tyfafo - this makes me want to post more - FYI
    comment I was not asking to steal a font. I did not know it was a commercial font. I need it - that's all. Now that I know I have to buy it, I will. Calm down. I never said "please send me a font for free even though I know that I should pay for it". My file tell me I am missing a font, so I did a search for it and this forum came up. I have respect for the work of typedesigners. Don't act like there aren't a TON of free fonts out there. It was not that profound of a request for someone that was unaware that DIN is a copyrighted font. I will go buy it. Jr200002 told me this in his simply nice response 10 responses ago, and he didn't need to make me feel like an ass either. Geez people
    comment THANK YOU!!!
    comment Does anyone have DIN-Regular that they could email to me?