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    comment Reminds me more of Arthur Baker... Like a Baker Sans or Hiroshiga modified... It's the "M" that is throwing me off... that is like - yikes, I can't remember...
    comment Gustavo, This looks like it was handlettered by Robert Leuschke. He has many scripts that look so similar. Also, Sudtipos has a few that sort of resemble it - but I cannot find you an exact... Sorry I can't be more helpful.
    comment It is a commercial font named Present Black. You can view/buy it here: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/present/black/
    comment Hola Gato, I am broke. If you supply the lodgings... Unless I go to Barcelona. There I may be able to share with family.
    comment That's me!!!! We should play catch up. By the way went to the post office yesterday and applied for a passport again -- and under my maiden name. Wahooo I'll be getting it soon ;-) so what if I announce it publicly. Too funny.
    comment I don't have anything to add. But since my email box has filled up from this -- I thought I'd join in. PS. NY is agreeing with me. Nice to be home. :-)
    comment Ted - HAPPY NEW YEAR - from South Carolina, USA and Kat - if you get this - happy new year to you too sweetie!
    comment Who woke this thread up?
    comment [quote]@James Dawson:I'm looking for the secondary font that Mens Health use (image attached). I thought I'd found one in 'baton' but the 'a' was double storey rather than single. Thanks for any help![/quote] It's ITC Lubalin in Bold weight.
    comment Been better. I had a spill in July - and well, I'm just not up to speed. How have you been? And what's with the insect - LOL? Merry Christmas to you...
    comment It's not the same - but has the same feel and is not a commercial font Western, Regular: http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/western For a commerical closeness - type WOOD in the search and check the fonts that show up.
    comment We do not give away copyrighted files for free. Please refrain from letting people know where "free downloads" are. It is frowned upon and not open for discussion. Thank you.
    comment LoreZyra, Not to sound obnoxious - but what exactly are you adding to this thread? If you had followed the link I put there more than a year ago - you would see that Lee received the word about Freehand 521. It's there. Please read next time and not reopen a dead thread.
    comment Be nice to see an example. Older "lead type" serif faces would be like Goudy Old Style, any Caslon, Garamond, Cheltenham.... long list...
    comment How about something like ACTIONIS http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/action and oblique it. Or Keep On Trucking http://www.dafont.com/keep-on-truckin-fw.font?nb_ppp=50&text=JOLLY+ROGER or any of the groovy 1960s fonts...
    comment Horton Hears a Happy New Year? Happy New Year y'all.... Hope this one is nice to all of us.
    comment It looks a lot like Serpentine Bold http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/serpentine/d-bold/ go there and type out ESCALADE and see what you think - but I can tell you the R does not match. Well, perhaps the San Serif is closer http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/imageclub/serpentine-sans/bold/
    comment Okay - I can see the ISP - but I don't see a ban button... KK - those leather shoes might be a relative....