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    2 matches comment uploaded image Can anyone tell me what font that are used in the PS2 game Hardware online arena? Here is a picture of the font Thanks!
    1 matches comment I don't know Ivan, look at the 4. I tried the lot and no good match so I am starting to think that this is probably a hardware printer font of an address label printer.
    1 matches comment I think you are looking for a hardware font of Addressograph.
    1 matches comment Thanks guys... Hardware problem, 1 in a 100000000000 chance. We won a lottery, so to speak... (technically speaking, 2 out of 4 hard-drives failed in a RAID-5 array of drives, which can handle up to 1 drive failure). At one point it was even questionable if i had anything left at all due to subsequent daily and weekly backup corruption. I could have had to go back 1 month, but folks at a data recovery co restored everything from the damaged drives. So we're back up, with all major parts replaced on the failed server. Keep fonting and your fingers crossed that we don't "win another lottery"
    1 matches comment ? Yesterday, EA officially announced the "FIFA 16" PC hardware configuration requirements, and then I step through the Xbox market, PSN and the EA Origin platform open a demo version of the game to download. According to the player's reaction now that the "FIFA 16" in shaping the players actions and environmental aspects of the stadium is still excellent, but the drawback is the PC and Xbox 360 version of the game cheap fifa 15 coins ps3 seems serious aliasing problems, but it has also become the player most want in September 23, the sale of the official version of the game to see the improvement. On the other hand, the role players in "FIFA 15" which still occupies an irreplaceable position, players EA official numerical display, Macy comprehensive 93 points lead, C Ronaldo (92), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (90) immediately after its Rear. It is worth noting that in the Bundesliga and World Cup in Brazil, eye-catching performance of German goalkeeper Neuer also has a high assessment of 90 points, becoming the "FIFA 16" the first "keeper." The following are the players "FIFA 16" the ability value of the top 50: 1-10 name 1. Messi 93; 2.C Rom 92; 3 Ibrahimovic 90; 4. Robben 90; 5 Neuer 90; 6. Iniesta 89; 7 Suarez 89; 8 Schweinfurt. Steiger 88; 9 Ribery 88; 10 Azar 88; 11-20 11. Van Persie 88; 12 Falcao 88; 13 Ram 87; 14 Bell 87; 15 Ramos 87;..... 16 Tiago - Silva 87; 17 David - Silva 87 ; 18 Modric 87; 19 Lewandowski 87;. 20 Kompany 86 21-30 Name 21. Harvey 86; 22 Yaya - Toure 86; 23 Rooney 86; 24 Aguero 86; 25 Mary 86; 26 Royce 86;..... 27 Thomas - Mueller 86; 28. Ozil 86; 29 Hummels 86; 30 86 Neymar. 31-40 Name 31. Courtois 86; 32.J Romans 86; 33 Cavani 86; 34 Cech 85; 35 Vidal 85; 36 Cross 85; 37 Diego - Costa 85;..... 38. Goetze 85; 39 Tevez 85; 40 Benzema 85. 41-50 . 41. Mata 85; 42 Boateng 85; 43 Busquets 85; 44 Harvey - Martinez 85; 45 Lori 85; 46 Fabregas 84; 47 Casillas... 84; 48 Xavi - Alonso 84; 49 Pirlo 84; 50 84 Chiellini." in shaping the players actions and environmental aspects of the stadium is still excellent, but the drawback is the PC and Xbox 360 buy fifa 15 coins ps3 version of the game seems serious aliasing problems, but it has also become the player most want in September 23, the sale of the official version of the game to see the improvement.
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