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    6 matches comment Regarding the font, the company that asked me to make their website is going to ask the logo makers the font. If they don't want to give the font, they'll convert the text to vector shapes (That's what they should have done in the first place)... So my problem will be solved... Anyway I found out that it is a commercial font :( http://www.fonts.com/findfonts/detail.asp?pid=402930 If my client wants to use this font to other graphical titles or so in the website, me or him will buy the font... No problem at all... Now, some thoughts... Regarding some Corel Draw issues that were discussed in this thread: - Corel CANNOT open the file in it's original format if the font is missing. - Corel CAN, if this is choosed when saving the file, embed the font into the document itself for edition propouses on this document only. - Final note: I used to be a Corel user but now that I'm in the Web bussiness I only use it to make some logos if needed... My graphical suite consists on: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Fireworks Thanks for everything, Marco Almeida aka Wonderm00n
    1 matches comment You can easily draw those thing using Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Never had to use Corel, but in Illustrator you can even import a flat image and convert it in vectors. So, type in Impact the word. Trace it. Split every single letter in two by adding points. Draw a line between them. For the crowns and the fleur-de-lys, there is plenty of dingbats related to heraldry. In this very website, under the category Dingbat, on the first page there's a font with a lot of fleurs-de-lys. Scrolling down, I bet you can find even some crowns.
    1 matches comment Kids. What else would you expect with that phrase? © 1992 Corel Corp. Was distributed on Corel Draw CDs. Is right here on Abstractfonts.
    2 matches comment Hi, Neuzeit Grotesk -> Geometrix Regular and Bold -> Use Google Image Search with Keywords "truetype geometrix". If you own a legal copy of Corel Draw you can use the "Geometric 706" from the supplied Bitstream Font Collection. Futura -> ADF Universalis -> http://arkandis.tuxfamily.org/adffonts.html might work ... but it's no real Futura. If you own a legal copy of Corel Draw you can use the Futura from the supplied Bitstream Font Collection. Bye Bye ...
    2 matches comment John Handy LET Plain Have you got a Corel Draw CD? :) Ute
    8 matches comment Hello Rosalyn. Yes, it's possible that there is a similar or "cloned" font with a different name. The only font called Brochure I know about is by Corel but it differs from your sample. That doesn't mean there isn't a Brochure that looks like Ariston somewhere out there! I just don't know how you would find it though!
    1 matches comment The typeface is called "Bremen". Designer: Richard Lipton (1992), published by Bitstream. http://www.identifont.com/show?23Z It's included in den Bitstream-Colletion shipped out with many Corel products like Corel Draw.
    1 matches comment Can anybody please help me with this font? Also if you know explain why Corel Draw X3 doesn't recognize the same fonts that Corel 11 does. Is there a way to make X3 recognize them?
    3 matches comment There is one very close to the Madame, the Century 725 Bold. Not a freebee alas. Although ... comes with the corel draw font bundle. Also with the trial version. Hefty download for one font. But all knowing uncle Google also knows the original file name, cen725b.ttf.
    1 matches comment Yes, most fonts are with snow. :( Do it for yourself in Corel Draw 11: First hit Ctrl+Q to convert text to bezier. Second: stroke with the tool no. 1 over the parts that you want to be icy. Third: take tool no. 2 and drag the nodes . See screenshot. [img:e298ed9e2d]http://home.arcor.de/ute_s/images/Corel/CDR_Eistext.gif[/img:e298ed9e2d] :) ute

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