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    defharoexternal link
    Aug 30th, 2016 / quote / 62.42.*.1*
    Yerbaluisa is a handwritten calligraphic typeface style with concatenated letters and several sets of ornaments and swashes terminals.
    Usage keys for ornaments: < > ( ) [ ] { } | _
    Use discretionary ligatures (dlig) to write the default characters.
    Bitcoin symbol (ligatures): #b
    To use the lowercase letter z alternative use discretionary ligatures (dlig)
    • Free for Personal Use Only.
    • Commercial License at:
    RonaldLAWexternal link
    Sep 30th, 2016 / quote / 90.31.*.1*
    This handwritten font is really what I would like for my site, the spaces between the letters and stable?
    defharoexternal link
    Sep 30th, 2016 / quote / 62.42.*.1*
    Hi, thanks for the comment.
    Yes, the font Yerbaluisa is defined kerning carefully. You can test the font with any professional text editor.
    You can buy the full version + business license from my website.

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