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    In need of basic font with archaic letters
    Jan 16th, 2013 / quote / 63.226.*.5*
    As a genealogist, I often transcribe documents with archaic letters like the thorn in old English. I don't mind if it's serif or sans, but I want a font like Times-Roman or Arial, not black letter or other fancy fonts.

    Any suggestions?
    Jan 17th, 2013 / quote / 87.177.*.3*

    You need a wide range of unicode characters? First look: NRSI: Computers & Writing Systems:

    The DejaVu-familie covers a wide range of unicode characters:

    Old Standard is a multilingual font family suitable for biblical, classical and medieval studies as well as for general-purpose typesetting in languages which use Greek or Cyrillic script.

    Just look for a wide unicode range ... Latin 1 Supplement contains ð, Ð (eth), þ, Þ (thorn), Umlauts and the german sharp s. The letter ſ (long s) is in Latin Extended A.

    Bye bye

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