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    Jun 25th, 2012 / quote / 110.55.*.2*
    Jul 7th, 2013 / quote / 69.69.*.2*
    Hello, I am an invitation designer and would love to use the monogram kk font. How do I do-so? Thanks :) Jennifer
    Heather Reeder
    Nov 5th, 2013 / quote / 74.132.*.1*
    Can you contact me? I cant seem to be able to send you a message. I am really interested in using monogram KK for commerical use. I see some people say donate to an animal shelter to use your font. Is that acceptable? I would love to do that if so, I love animals! Its a great way to help them out!
    Nov 9th, 2013 / quote / 98.230.*.2*
    I would like to know how to use your font for commercial use. Do you allow this font for commercial use for small business?

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