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    Font request - kana/runic fusion?
    Sep 20th, 2011 / quote / 2.26.*.2*
    Hi. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but it must be worth a try.

    I have a bizarre font request.

    Purely for personal fun, I’m interested in a sans-serif futhorc (Anglo-Saxon runes) set evolved to resemble the Japanese kana (either katakana or hiragana), while still identifiable as futhorc. Preferably matching the dimensions and weight of simplified Chinese characters in another font (I expect creating your own hanzi font would be much too time-consuming).

    I keep some private notes in a mixed runic/hanzi script, and a font like this would be amazing to see, but perhaps challenging to produce.

    I would be willing to make a donation in return for such a font (only a small one, though), and I would use it a lot and enjoy it.

    If this sounds like an interesting project, give it a try.

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