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    Fonts similar to Dax/ DaxCondensed
    Mar 28th, 2011 / quote / 217.108.*.1*
    Hello! I'm making a series of brochures in different languages.

    Some languages have different characters which do not exist in Dax (or anyother from the whole Dax family). An "standard" font as Arial would have most of those characters. Anyone knows about any similar font to Dax that might be used instead?

    For languages as Greek and Bulgarian, not just some characters but the whole alphabet is different... :S

    Any help/suggestion highly appreciated!!
    Mar 28th, 2011 / quote / 217.252.*.1*
    what about the frutiger? i have not compared the two types yet but if you are looking for a well-developed, clean sans serif font it should be the right choice. linotype offers a great range of chracter-sets.
    Roger S. Nelssonexternal link
    Apr 4th, 2011 / quote / 90.149.*.1*
    If you want to use Dax you should just license the "Pro" version - this contains the Central European characters, as well as Greek and Cyrillic:

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