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    Capital font with sharp ends, much like a dagger (pic)
    Nov 22nd, 2010 / quote / 203.97.*.1*
    uploaded image
    Hey guys, I'm badly in need of a font of which even the creator does not know anymore.

    A forgotten named font from 2004 or previous.

    I don't need the exact font, just one which looks similar, having the same kind of pointed dagger style.

    Thankyou for your time.
    WhatFontisexternal link
    Nov 23rd, 2010 / quote / 79.115.*.6*
    Nov 23rd, 2010 / quote / 203.97.*.1*
    I had been scouring the inter-webs for this font for months, and here you come and find it, in under a day.

    Thankyou, so much.

    I'm bewildered how you people find the fonts so quickly and accurately, but It's a blessing to have such dedicated people.

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