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    Design-related Question
    etienne-snymanexternal link
    Oct 19th, 2010 / quote / 41.6.*.1*
    Hi there! I have a design-related question, that I hope all you font boffins can help me with.

    I am in the process of re-branding my (small/one-man) company for a 2011 marketing drive. My current typeface in my title/logo looks a bit 1990's to me, so I would like to choose a new one out of the free fonts available.

    However, I cannot choose between the two options:

    A) Use a font for the title/logo, and then use the same font (and its family of Italics/Bold) for documents, brochures, slides, and all printed works within and around the company. (Think of Apple's use of Myriad everywhere.)

    B) Use one font for the logo/title, and then use a different font for document, brochures, and so on. (Think of Oracle's logo/title.)

    Any ideas? All comments are welcome!


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