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    Font that contains both oblique and italic styles
    Dec 22nd, 2009 / quote / 75.2.*.1*
    I'm looking for a font I can download for free that contains both oblique and italic styles. I'd also like the choice of a san serif and a serif face.

    site moderator koeiekat
    Dec 23rd, 2009 / quote / 79.159.*.2*
    Any (digital) type that has an italic face can also be made oblique. Not recommendable.
    Free serif and sans serif types galore.
    Dec 23rd, 2009 / quote / 87.177.*.7*

    DejaVu? This Typeface contains Sans, Serif and
    Monospaced (incl condensed and oblique):

    DejaVu is based on Bitsreams Vera:

    You can find another Version of Vera Sans with
    extended character set with the name ,,arev'' in
    any CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) site.

    You might also take a look at URWPP Base 35 fonts
    for GhostScript. This includes a free Helevetica
    (Nimbus SansL) and Times (Nimbus Roman No9). This
    is a common combination for english writing (but
    not suitable for the german language).

    bye bye

    Uwe Borchert

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