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    how to access pf champion script alternates
    Oct 17th, 2009 / quote / 58.69.*.7*
    hello. i got the pf champion script pro, both bold and regular. in the video they have, for example, as can be seen on youtube, the letters can be changed. for example, "a" can have a long extended tail headed to the right. "C" as it is displayed in the font title itself, is much longer and more ornate than the one i can access just buy typing "C". i've already checked the character map but also can't find the different kinds of alternates. where might i find/ how might i be able to see those other more elaborate letter designs? thanks.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Oct 17th, 2009 / quote / 79.151.*.2*
    To access the alternates in an otf font you need to work with an otf aware application. Alas, there are only a few around and all very expensive.
    Oct 18th, 2009 / quote / 58.69.*.1*
    its you again, thanks! i was just wondering (im new at this, obviously), can microsoft word 2007 do the trick? if not im thinking of getting adobe in design.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Oct 18th, 2009 / quote / 79.158.*.1*
    Alas, no. Word 2010 (Word 14) is the first version of MS Word that will have support for OpenType ligatures.
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